Just like a flock of geese, at The Flying V, we all scatter in different directions in an organized and planned manner.

Dates: 2019-11-05

Where: flying_v

QIC: Gambler

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Showtime, Mouth-2-Mouth, Beater, Godaddy, Narco, Turtle-Head, Papa John, Exile, G-String, Hank Hill, Splinter, Mud Flap, Brad Pitt, Gambler, FNG

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: Detour

Warm-O-Rama: Oh look! It's 5:30 so start running....

The Thang: YHC quickly mumbled the route amongst Pax early AM chatter: Out Noonday towards Woodstock HS, around HS and back to DTW where we started. Reminding everyone to watch their pace and time to ensure they are back by 6:15, some Pax asked about the pace needed. "Um, like 9:30/min miles or something." Super detailed instructions from the Q. Shortly after crossing Main Street, the group broke into smaller sets as is commonly done at the V with the varying paces. At some point, in the heat of the battle (and mumble chatter), a few more Pax broke off and a few more, then a few others and then some solo runners. Checking the time on the return trip, YHC realized 6:15 COT was probably going to be 6:20 COT. Climbing the hill back to Main Street, YHC sees 3 members of a newly formed "search and rescue team" (A.K.A. 'COT is at 6:15 not 6:30' team) heading back to, well, search for those that were lost....or like YHC, those that had bad time estimation skills today. A few more Pax trickle in to the flag, others had left and the search and rescue team returns....with no survivors. At this point, YHC begins to realize the disclaimer was not offered at the start. Should Papa John and FNG never return, there will be some explanations to provide. But wait! What's that?!? Could it be? Can it be? YES! There will be no lawsuits! The Pax are ALIVE! Luckily they knew that no man is left behind and stuck together, zigging and zagging their way back to the flag after taking a wrong turn....or a detour, on the way back home. Welcome to F3, Detour!

COT: While a few Pax had departed because of the excellent time management skills by YHC (and the lost souls), we had a few announcements. Be sure to check Slack for more details, but we have an upcoming 5K for suicide awareness and several opportunities to help out by volunteering our time in the upcoming weekends. Prayers for YHC's son's tonsillectomy and Exile's upcoming 50K in North Georgia this weekend.

Naked Man Moleskin: Wow! YHC was not only excited to see so many Pax today, but was most impressed by the team work and support provided to each other. Without direction or instruction, it was amazing to see Pax going back to check on the 6. What is even more amazing? The fact that this carries over into daily life. Members of F3 checking in on each other. Offering support by just being a listening ear, providing words of encouragement or by donating time and skills to one another. Turning around and going back to make sure no man is left behind and no man is left where he was found.

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