Ruck to the parking deck for some PT

Dates: 2019-10-26

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: Chops

Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Gambler, GutCheck, FleshWound, Hooch, Haas, Mouth2Mouth, DaddyDayCare, Lexi, Chops

Warm-O-Rama: Didn't think we gonna have a Warm-O-Rama, but upon our march up Arnold Mill we saw Haas come by on 2 wheels, so PAX holds ruck on plank while Hooch retrieves Haas.

The Thang: 40lb sandbag & flag in tow. Ruck up Arnold Mill toward the tracks. YHC inquires with WoodstuckRucks royalty if/where sidewalks exists toward 575. Clarification is provided, and we cross Main and head down the one way Mill St. Good downhill pace, and almost no cars at 5a on a Sat so we take some of the road & sidewalk. Go a little off road thru a uphill bank of mulch (that could have been rubber mulch) into the lot of YHC's son's oral surgeon, then over to the sidewalk on TLP. Observe the glow of WH, but we keep on under 575, and YHC gives clarification that PAX should head toward decks behind Northside Medical bldg (avoiding a knucklehead driver that didn't give pedestrian a yield on off ramp). YHC instructs PAX to go up steps 3 flights to top deck. Once there, PAX spreads out shoulder to shoulder holding plank. Each PAX 1 by 1, ruck runs down to bottom of parking level and back. Planks begin to get rough, so YHC audibles to ruck off overhead hold, overhead press, curl, and some other IC things to pass the time with PT. Upon all PAX completing, YHC indicates rucks on and wind back down garage levels to exit at interior dropoff driveway and back out of Northside area onto TLP and back. As PAX passes WH YHC sees young fella and father/family sitting down for some early AM breakfast. YHC calls for IC curb merkins from entire PAX 1 foot in front of WH window. Young fella, father/family, and WH staff looked a little bewildered upon completion. PAX recovers and heads back up sidewalk, cuts across parking lot, and back onto Mill St where YHC calls for 3 man casualty carry. Hooch gets the tap, and carry begins. Some swaps but PAX gets Hooch all the way up Mill St to the corner of new construction at downtown before YHC indicates enough. All PAX back into rucks and time needs to burn so we go right, ruck past downtown shops, cross street at far end of near Salt, ruck back thru Chambers by Copper Coin, etc. then cross Arnold mill, and fix up the F3 halloween display. Two coconuts fell out during shovel plant and GutCheck looked stunned. Lexi & others got laughs, but display was restored, and YHC called for Vingenzos PT. Rucks off IC flutter kicks on the sidewalk, followed by more IC ruck press, Silverado kicks, ruck raises from overhead to belly button, and maybe more ruck PT (fuzzy). Recover, rucks on, and back to the flag right on time.

COT: Careless Whispers wife life juggling, YHC thoughts of the struggle to maintain weight & fitness, and grateful to SkyQ.

Naked Man Moleskin: Just a great group of guys every single time I come to WoodstockRucks. Couple of PAX YHC hasn't worked out with, but clearly fit fellows. Crazy that it's not colder in late Oct. Streets of Woodstock are meant for rucking ITG!

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