Tried a stealth, late-night luring tactic to try and convince the PAX that MorningWood was where they should be this morning. Started to think it had the opposite effect when there was less than 5 minutes until go-time and I was still all by my lonesome…

Dates: 2019-06-26

Where: morningwood

QIC: Misty

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Yogi, Homeboy, Garfield, Misty

FNG Names: N/A

Warm-O-Rama: Handing out the maps and explaining the rules for the day was the closest thing we have to a warm-up.
6 pins on the map, each with different point values tied to them. Unlikely to get to them all some decisions would need to be made to decide which ones to go after and which ones to abandon. Points would be deducted for a late arrival back to the flag.

The Thang: Go! Team Homeboy/Yogi (THY) headed for the low hanging fruit by the club house while team Garfield/Misty (TGM) crossed East Cherokee into the Hoodmont side. Passed by each other heading to where the other team had just left and then we went our separate ways. THY opted to go the Grandmar route to the Grove and Curtis to pick up some points while TGM continued down Gaddis to pick up the Hailey Farm and Grand Oaks points. With time still on the clock TGM decided to push it and see if they could make the circle and get to the Curtis and Grove points, passing by THY on the way. After making the summit of the Grand Oaks mountain TGM were running out of steam on the Grandmar hills, but succesfully made it to Curtis. With time winding down took the short cut through the golf course abandoning the points in the Grove to make it back on time and just as THY were arriving back and right on time. YHC's watch showed 4.71 miles at a 9:23 pace even while stopping to check the map and talk our our options. Despite missing 2 checkpoints, THY won the day due to hitting the higher point values. Great job men, that humidity was rough!

COT: Prayers for those traveling as well as for those hurting emotionally and physically.

Naked Man Moleskin: - YHC left the decision making entirely up to Garfield since I knew the neighborhood, where the cards were placed and the point values assigned. As bad as I wanted to intervene from Garfield choosing to go up Gaddis to Grand Oaks I let it play out. After finally making it up to the top Garfield saw the card with a big fat "0" on it. When flipped over it read, "quit whining, you did the hard thing and got stronger for it". Point being that sometimes our decisions have unintended consequences, but we have to take it in stride (no pun intended) and find the silver lining. THY was relieved that they didn't attempt that checkpoint.
- T-claps to Yogi for coming out even with a sinus infection and pushing himself. Even if he did almost "lose control of all bodily functions" and have to tell Homeboy to shut the f*@$ up and stop asking crazy questions like whether this is an El Nino year and what impact that could have on the subtropic jet stream and the average rainfall in Haiti. I may have paraphrased that last bit. But seriously, watch out for Drumstick or Homeboy when running, apparently they like to use the talking tactic to get into people's head and throw them off their pace.
- Be sure to rent the movie "Wonder". Homeboy gives it two "awesome" thumbs up!
- Announcements for all the fun in July: F3Cherokee birthday convergence 7/4 7 am at Sequoyah park with special guests, DJ Swisher throw down on 7/6, 7/12 July F3 5k, 7/13 race at Sawnee Mtn (you can still sign up), 7/27 Asheville Spartan (just commit, you can do it!), etc etc

Always a pleasure leading the awesome men of F3 Cherokee, thanks for coming out and making me stronger today! Misty out!

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