Dora loves some Coupons.

Dates: 2019-11-04

Where: apex

QIC: Scamper

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Brad Pit, Geek Squad, Snot Rocket, Swap, Yukon Cornelius (The Original), Scamper

Warm-O-Rama: With the cold weather the Pax were eager to get going so we did the Warm-O-Rama on the move. Moseyed the big loop around Booth Middle School, while moseying completed the following:
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Sun Gods

The Thang: The Thang consisted of a coupon themed Dora. Pax partnered up and grabbed one coupon per team ad completed the following:
100 - Over Coupon Burpees
200 - Squat Thrusters
300 - Kettle Bell Swings

While the first Pax completes the exercises their partner will run to the top of the Booth Middle Schoool drop off Hill and back

COT: Quite morning on the Apex front.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great Q to kick off the week. The grumbles and groans from the heavy shoulder burn were quickly replaced by the satisfying feeling of knowing you beat the fartsack, or as some have taken to calling it "smartsack", this morning and started the week by getting stronger. Unfortunately every Pax left a little hungry for something extra as the donuts that were promised at the begging of the workout disappeared immediately after the COT.

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