Not eazy, but breezy, merkin squeezy.

Dates: 2019-10-09

Where: pineapple_express

QIC: Oddjob

Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Lucky Charms, Gekko, Geek Squad, Homeboy, Yukon Cornelius, Oddjob, Pie Bar, Rug Burn

Warm-O-Rama: With this PAX?!? Not needed.

The Thang: Begin with a lap around the lower ball field, pause for the merkin/overhead cause at the playground. OYO 50 of each, another lap, rinse and repeat and then hit the trails. Mosey to the creek crossing, turnaround and headed back. Another pause under the bridge for bent over rows, coupon in hand, and more overheads, without coupon. Except for Rug Burn, he’s practicing new baby boy overheads. One more stop at the wooden bridge creek crossing for final 50 merkins and push it back to the parking lot. 3.6 mi total

COT: Prayers for Yukon’s new job interview on Tuesday.

Naked Man Moleskin: Things YHC found refreshing or wildly/mildly amusing.
1. Homeboy’s discussion with YHC and Pie Bar about the benefits of a cold shower – 10/15 seconds?!? You’re talking to a single guy, how about 10/15 mins!
2. Yukon’s push during the whole BD – hate to hear you’re moving soon brother. If you see three bike riders at 3am in Adairsville next March, contact your local authorities.
3. Pie Bar wasn’t at his full strength potential. Since the his dr rejected his request for injection against the bug he’s been fighting, he decides to fight fire with fire and inhale one.
4. Gekko epitomizes no man left behind. Brother is always on the lookout. WTG!
5. All AO’s should have facilities present, it’s such a security. Anybody see Geek Squad??
6. The cool breeze during the COT, and cold creek water shower experienced by YHC and Lucky, good boy Duke.

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