no QIC for stoneClad, no problem! I jumped back in to the drivers seat and the rest as they say is history

Dates: 2019-06-27

Where: stoneclad

QIC: Doubtfire

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Nets, Cricket, Pie Bar, Tiny Tat, Garfield, Harp, Doubtfire

Warm-O-Rama: Quick Mosey around the parking lot circle up by the Flag and here comes Nets Rolling in Hot! Just in time for a round of 21's! YHC quickly explained the concept and we did one practice round with cadence up to 5 then silent to 10. Nets caught on quickly so off we go! After a successful completion of 21's we stretched out those hamstrings with The Weed Picker, followed by some Copper head squats IC. Moved on to Michael Phelps OYO and the Sun Gods OYO. Now that we have sufficiently got ourselves warmed up, time to have some fun! Quick round of
Merkin Bring Sally Up! There was some significant mumblechatter before we started, but that ended quickly as all Pax were struggling to make it through the full song! YHC included, Even Cricket was struggling! Now that concluded the warm-up! Mosey to the play ground Boys!

The Thang: The Thang they call it " The Cindy" The Cindy is much like the Murph but without the Running!! Yay!!! I hate to Run!!! lol Played some classic 80's
Rock and explained "the cindy" Set a timer for 20 min and we do AMRAP of 5 pull ups , 10 Merkins, 15 squats. The Humidity was brutal and the Pax gave it their all !! I think most of the Pax completed 15 rounds in 20 min!! Great work men!!! Now Cindy is complete and she meets the Skull Crusher! Mosey to the Drainage area and instruct pax to grab a coupon, Pax is on their six and lying prone we perform 24 skull crushers IC followed by 24 straight arm overhead lat pull overs, up off our Six and immediately go to Colt 45's! Each Pax calling cadence till all have had a turn. Now for the Ring of fire !!! All Pax hold their coupon over their heads while one pax squat jumps around the ring. the ring quickly became a lot smaller as each pax took a turn! time left ,,, lets go for a run! Harp led the pax around the AO to help Cricket, Pie bar, Tiny Tat and Garfield get the lay of the land for the big 4th of july convergence!! Mosey back to the flag for 2 min of mary!!

COT: We talked about needing to continue praying for our marriages and I asked for prayer for an old friend that is battling breast cancer and Doctors have instructed her that there is nothing more they can do. Prayers for Goat Milk and his M

Naked Man Moleskin: Thankful for all the men of F3 Cherokee and what we are doing in the gloom to make each other stronger, both physically, mentally and spiritually! Great work today Men!! Was a lot of fun seeing y'all in the Gloom!!

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