: a central and often foundational part usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature

: the portion of a foundry mold that shapes the interior of a hollow casting

Dates: 2019-08-20

Where: castle_black

QIC: Aisle 7

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Legionnaire, Floppy, Dixie Chick, Aisle 7

Warm-O-Rama: A really short mosey to the end of the parking lot.
10- SSH’s
Michael Phelps- OYO
Sun Gods- OYO

The Thang: Time to work the CORE!
1. Run down stairs to playground.
• 10- Hanging knee twists
• 10- Freddie Mercury
• 10- Hanging leg raises
• 10- American hammers

2. Run upstairs to parking lot.
• 10- Mountain Climbers
• 10- Shoulder Taps
• 10- J Lo’s
• 10- Plank Jacks

3. High Knee’s half of parking lot
4. Run the other half of parking lot, back down stairs to the playground
5. REPEAT (10) Rounds

COT: Continued prayers for the health of F3 brothers, family members and those participating in Grow Ruck
Praises for Dixie Chick’s daughter adapting to Ga. Awesome to hear!

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC needs work on several things but one is more CORE so what better way to achieve this…. Do a CORE beatdown.
As always I went back and forth debating on the number of exercises and the quantities due to the time. Although Castle Black was kind of quiet today with only 4 PAX, we crushed eight different core exercises, 100 times each and logged a little over 2.0 miles, finishing right at 45mins.
Floppy and Dixie Chick were wide open the entire 45mins (WTW??). Where were Legionnaire tunes? I needed some tunes to help ease the heavy breathing I was trying to control running back downstairs to repeat the next round.
I guess I’ll do some real work now. Thanks guys for always pushing!

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