There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs to stand athwart any nonsense from Massachusetts types or the broader New England citizenry and ex”Pats” and remind them that the first Thanksgiving was at Jamestown over a decade earlier and not with the cute Pilgrims up yonder. It also didn’t feature Dunkin’ Donuts. That they have appropriated it as a Yankee holiday is just like a Mark Harr . . . err Pats fan. And by the way, how did the expression Cluster Q come to suggest a confusing beatdown? ‘Cluster’ merely means a group of things, often situated closely together. And yet certain individuals seems to use it to denote disorder and madness. Again, words must have their opposite meaning out of the mouths of . . . well, but YHC digresses.

Dates: 2019-10-17

Where: happy_jack


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: LawDog, Hombre, TitleMax, Floppy, Mickey, Manning, Cricket, Kiffin, Earhart, C4, Casey & Cody

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around the full LAX fields with a pit stop to pick up the Sand Juniors from Precious and then drop them off at the base of the uphill climb toward the tennis courts (YHC believes we named this hill at one point, but he cannot remember). The PAX circles up near the concessions hut for a quick set of 10 weed pickers and we're ready to go.

The Thang: Partner up, so with 10 we have five two-man teams. The basis of the beatdown will be AMRAP BoMBS (Burpees, skip the overhead claps, Mercans, BBSU, and Squats) with one of the partners doing a full LAX fields lap, which is long loop and so will likely yield the exercise burnout of the other doing the reps. However, separately as the BoMBS reps and lap run is in motion, one "couple" (@Kiffin, his soft side) has bag time with the Sand Juniors and the two need to hustle to the far hill, get the three 60lbs bags up the hill fireman's carry, and then carry them back down safely to the base. Once they complete this action, they then get back to the group quickly and appoint the next "couple" to run the bags. Does this sound that complicated? The idea was for the Sand Juniors to induce an upper body tax and strain and push the legs and lungs up the hill while the BoMBS and the cumulative reps would be maximized alongside the accelerated jogging from point to point.

Each "couple" gets the bags one time and the PAX works through the BoMBS. With the last group at the bags and soon returning, the remaining PAX conducts 10 burpees and then moves to pick up the Six, changing direction at one point as YHC and this QIC caught Casey racing across the LAX fields with Hombre & Mickey.

At this point the PAX is near 2.5 miles and so we conduct a final Indian Run around back and up Easy Mountain at a healthy pace. Give it all the last 50-75 yards to the flag, 3 minute Mary of J-Lo, LBCs, Mercans, and two full Happy Jacks! The PAX yielded about 3.5 miles give or take, with the Apple watch users pushing 4 miles but we all know how that is.

COT: Praise for Earhart & his Bride bringing Indi into this world, and on their own together. No doubt added thrill to an otherwise obviously amazing experience. Prayers for Kiffin's father-in-law and prayers for all our aging parents and loved ones.

Naked Man Moleskin: Convergence 2.0 beatdown with FIA this weekend at Veterans, and various other 2nd and 3rd F events any HIM can find on C4NN or other channels.

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