This here’s a tale for all the fellas

Tryin; to do what those ladies tell us

Get shot down cause ya over-zealous

Dates: 2019-08-13

Where: lions_den

QIC: Ice T

Number of Pax: 15 PAX 0 FNGs

Pax Names: @harddrive, @oliver,@fleetwood,@seluchi,@Lucky Charms, @Pop Up, @Hartford, @Rugburn, @Rembrandt, @Twinkle Toes, @Yukon Cornelius, @sharapova, @gekko,@ditka, @ice t

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to Basketball Court
Side Straddle Hop 10 —- catch my breath
A little pathetic I know
Some attempts at mocking the Amazing Mets
Weed Picker 10
Wise words — harsh word stirs anger & soft words quell wrath
Sun Gods. OYO
Michael Phelps OYO
Copper Head Merkins (5)

The Thang: Four Square
Exercise at each corner 10,20,30,40 - 100 total for each lap
Mode of transport from corner to corner
Length of court Bear Crawl , End Line lunge, Length of Court Crawl bear, End Line lunge
Exercises — Merkins, Burpees, Rosalitas, & LBCs.
Modified Burpees to 5,10,15,20
After second lap modified bear Crawl & crawl bear to end lines and lunge length of the court

After Suicides in pairs. Partner runs suicide on court while partner does overhead claps. Total 150.

Run to flag.

COT: 2F reminder - Reformation Canton
3rd F - Bakery
Prayers for Family in general - M’s,kids, all intentions spoken and not spoke.
Ditka announces new AO — The Jungle at Kings Academy 5 am Fridays. Obstacle Course. More Details to come. Launch date in September

Naked Man Moleskin: This is what it’s all about. Want to get stronger? Want to be tougher? Get connected. When we face trials and challenges, those to whom we’re connected can support us—help us find courage we’d not find on our own. When we experience pain and loss, they can comfort us—help us back from places we’d not return from, on our own. When we’re hit by fear and anxiety, they can give us perspective—help us see things in ways we’d not see on our own. When we need truth, they can teach us—help us discover and understand what we we’d not grasp on our own. When we get stuck, they can call us out, speak truth, push us forward—help us stop (or start) what we’d be unable to, on our own. When we face complicated questions, they can listen and counsel us—help us process through problems that are too difficult on our own. When we mess up, make mistakes, they can correct us and have mercy—help remind us we’re loved, despite flaws and failures, something that’s hard to remember on our own.

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