Steal my Q, Pay the Price

Dates: 2019-06-27

Where: paragon

QIC: Grylls

Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: panhandle, promise ring, hank hill, wiggum, chops, flatline, carmen sandiego, woody, bo-peep, pookie, tinder, hass, bloomers, almost, ricky bobby, grylls

Warm-O-Rama: All pax know that the workout starts on the Q's time, which is on time. Hank Hill decided to start 1 minute early with his own mosey and the rest of the pax followed. YHC let them have their fun and let them run where they wanted to go, only to call them way back for a detour. There was an easier beatdown planned, but now things had to change. Still, a warm-o-rama was provided:
- SSH IC x11
- Imperial Walkers IC x10
- WIndmills IC x 9
- Weed Pickers IC x8

There was more mention of angry trolls or something, in reference to YHC, so the cogs of pain began to spin in YHC's beady brain...

The Thang: Super Simple, Super Suck.
18 Bus Lanes, Always starting at Lane 1, going to the far lane, then returning. OYO
- Run to lane 18, perform 18 burpees, Run back to 1
- 15 Big Boy Situps (always)

- Lunge to lane 17, perform 17 burpees, Lunge back to 1
- 15 Big Boy Situps

- Broadjump to lane 16, perform 16 burpees, Broadjump back to 1
- 15 Big Boy Situps.

... and so on, with a plan to try to make it through all lanes.

With the pax constantly complaining and the longevity of this routine becoming clear (and maybe in YHC's own realized pain), YHC modified the buslane roundtrip with the modification to always run back to 1 (run back, versus lunge back or jump back). But the run/lunge/broadjump to the far lane was still in place.

Promise Ring bolted far past everyone and set an impossible pace. However, YHC caught Tinder and a few others actually continuing to SPRINT to the bus lanes during the runs. Really INCREDIBLE!!!

Tons of mumble-chatter along the way, to keep spirits up. Plenty of unintelligible shouting from Hank Hill. YHC expected the pax to give him a code red at some point for his treachery.

No pax was left behind. The great part about the horrible bus-lane routine is that the pax can pick each other up, and the six can shave some lanes without anyone being much the wiser. And no one finished this routine, so it didn't really matter.

COT: Several of the pax have some open positions in their companies, and some of them are responsible for hiring, so prayers are requested for wisdom. YHC requested prayers to be courageous regarding decisions that will likely affect his kids' home with their mom. Continued prayers for Wiggum and his M, and all those hurting from health issues and loss.

Of course, the pax were highly encouraged to attend the July 4th convergence and the July 6th party at Swisher's.

Naked Man Moleskin: On the way back to the flag after the Thang, it was awesome to hear Promise Ring encouraging Bloomers (his dad) along the way. Bloomers has done quite an amazing job as a father, to raise that kind of man. The joy of Q'ing is always a bit surprising for YHC and the encouragement of the men out in the gloom is still amazing. There is MORE!

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