Westside had the Q but he was California Dreamin’. The men of the Den searched for a suitable replacement but couldn’t find one. YHC would have to do…

Dates: 08/29/19

Where: lions_den

QIC: Hartford

Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names: Fleetwood, Blackhawk, Pop-up, Oliver, Ditka, AOL, Yukon Cornelius, Twinkle Toes, Hang Hill, Donzi, Jack Bauer, Chops, Ice-T, Gekko, Izzo, Hartford, Ditka, Rembrandt, Gotti

Warm-O-Rama: Warm-up lap followed by WindPickers, Hillbilly's, and Sungods OYO. yes you read that right, windpickers. YHC called Weedpickers and promptly began doing Windmills. Lots of grumbling and general confusion from the pax. YHC did what can only be described as a masterful recovery and insisted the call was for Windmills. The men of the den, gracious as they are, waited a full 10 to 20 seconds before giving me grief about my folly and brainstorming a name for the newfound exercise. Let's get to the thing and get everyone winded to minimize the verbal assault.

The Thang: Start at the bus lanes by FMS. Each time past the midpoint means a stop for three burpees - going and coming. 20 star jumps at the start, 20 Merkins at the end, (burps in the middle), Sweat Angels for the 6. Round 2 - 20 Mexican Jumping Bean Squats, 20 Wide Merkins at the end, LBC's for the 6. Round 3 - 40 Squats, 20 Diamond Merkins at the end, Crunchy Frog for the 6. Round 4 - 20 Jump Lunges, 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the end, Flutter Kicks for the 6.

Mosey to the bottom of the small hill. Round 1: 10 Wolverine Burpees. (Fleetwood is still researching the proper form on those, maybe next time.) Bernie Sanders up the hill for 10 Merkins then back down and American Hammer for the 6. Round 2: 1 minute of LBC's, Bernie Sanders up the hill for 10 Merkins then back down for Freddy Mercury's for the 6. Round 3: Broad Jumps up the hill then complete a lap around the parking lot. The goal was to keep the pax together as much as possible so as the lead passes on the other side cut over to complete the lap. Round 4: 90 second plank (Jack Bauer seemed to think a minute was more reasonable and some measure of whining commenced.) Run a lap - same rules as last time. Round 5: 20 Kodiak count Merkins in cadence, 15 Captain Thor's in cadence, back to the flag. We were two minutes early so YHC called for 2 minutes of burpees. More mumblechatter about burpees not being Mary. YHC consulted the manual and found that burpees are in fact acceptable.

COT: Announcements: 3rd F convergence this Friday at Family Traditions 6:00 AM. No Bakery tomorrow. Chops reminded us of the Manion 5k and Amped in the park coming up. Ditka is launching a new AO with BD's Friday's at 5:00. AO is Kings Academy with lots of obstacles etc. This is going to be a cool AO. Launch date is 9/13. Prayers for Pax and families, healing for those among us dealing with injuries and illness.

Naked Man Moleskin: Cooler temps this morning were a welcomed change. I made it about three minutes in pre-beat down chatter before being pressed on why I wasn't dressed in layers. The layers don't come out till we get below 60 so I had 5 degrees to spare. A visit from Hank Hill was a nice surprise.

Not content with a simple fartsack, Einstein went next level with a drive-by fartsacking. I consulted the manual again and it clearly states that drive-by fartsackings must involve doughnuts. You are on notice Einstein.

Chops was insistent that my counting was off on the Hillbilly's and will undoubtedly be looking for supporters of his fake news on Slack within the hour. I'll cop to the Windpicker fail but the Hillbilly counting was textbook. Textbook I say.

Fleetwood commented on Blackhawk pushing himself hard. Blackhawk replied with the quote of the day: "If I get out of bed I push myself hard". Wise words.

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