What do you get when you invite the Morning Wood boys to the Kodiak…………………….nothin!

Dates: 2019-07-03

Where: kodiak

QIC: Dory

Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Pelosi, Rest Stop, Catnip, Buzz Lightyear, VooDoo, Twiggy, Legionaire, Shotgun, Puppeteeer, Joker, Ferry, Banjo, Tebow, Dory

Warm-O-Rama: Prior to startex gave instructions to all PAX for the plan to show some love to the MW boys if they show. But at 5:30, its time to mosey. Short lap in the parking lot today as we wouldnt be going very far. Warmed up with some SSH, Merkins, Windmills, and Weed Pickers. Music courtesy of La Secta....not Pelosi's favorite. Oh well...his loss.

The Thang: Once warmed up we mosey'd to the pickup to collect our coupons (Cinderellas). A little short sighted in my coupon options considering we have 2.0's this morning but they grabbed their coupon and, unlike Pelosi, never complained a bit!

We circled back up for a 4 exercise routine where we would perform an exercise for 1 minute, 20 second rest, exercise for 1 minute and so on. We did 3 rounds in total. The exercises were chest press, curl, upright row, and goblet squat. Music courtesy of Lenny Kravitz and Guns n Roses! Pelosi clams up a good bit at this point.

Short lap in the parking with butt kickers and high knees...which felt just great after all the lifting!

Next up had all PAX partner up for 50 reps of Hot Potato. Partners faced each other on their 6 and locked ankles. Then passed the coupon from one parter to the other who then did a BBSU.

PAX stayed partnered up and we lined up for Bears and Blocks. Partner A starts a bearcrawl while dragging his coupon while Partner B performs Burpee Broad Jumps. Partners swap out every 20 years until we reached the other side of the parking lot. I guess Banjo kept his Cinderella out past midnight cause it turned into pieces of Cinderella at the end of his bear crawl!

Our final routine was to the song titled "Yeah" by Joe Nichols. The proper way to perform this routine is to hold plank for the entirety of the song and do a plank jack at the word "yeah" and a mountain climber at the word "she". YHC butchered this and instructed the PAX to continouous plank jack and do a mountain climber at the word "she". After first minute and a half of plank jacks I knew something was terribly wrong. I tried to audible to all the PAX the correct method but there wasnt much left in the tank by this point. In any case, all PAX got through the song and it was time.

COT: Prayed for Banjo's relatives who suffered 2 losses this week while on vacation. Also lifted up Pelosi's best friend who grandma passed yesterday.

Naked Man Moleskin: Great to meet Ferry today and to have Catnip back out in the gloom with us. The 2.0's (Puppeteeer, Joker, Buzz Lightyear) worked hard this morning...good work boys.

Throughout the beatdown YHC maintained a westward eye down Owens Store Road for a MW sighting but none was to be had this morning...perhaps another time.

Looking forward to the convergence tomorrow and the party at Swishers this weekend!

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