I was fully prepared to fartsack….until Smurffy boy threw down the gauntlet and challenged the downrange Transit pax to meet out in the gloom…I mean, it’s become a tradition after all!

Dates: 2019-08-24

Where: blacktop

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Smurfette, Floppy, Honey Badger, Vespa, Papa John, G-String, Manning, Ricky Bobby, Nightingale, Amber

Warm-O-Rama: Long mosey down to the basketball court by the "lake" that is inexplicably nearly empty. Knock out some of the standard issued exercises, and then head off to the (gasp!) CLOSED bridge. What is going on with this "lake" ??? Ugh, we were going to go inspect the haunted cabin, but that just wasn't meant to be...

The Thang: Welp, let's go try to find some stairs and a nice long run will help me start actually planning this beatdown. Line up in the parking lot and do some shuffle-sprints on the parking space lines. Ok that took about 90 seconds...and nope, still no plan. Ok ok, just calm down everyone. Let's see what we can do up here by the cafeteria. Hey, there's some stairs we can use, and a nice big landing spot up top. Time for some 11's with burpees and BBSU's. That'll smoke-em.

Smurfette had some major Transit-aline pumping today as he was crushing this portion of the day. Not to be outdone, Nightingale (how did he not get named "Greg" ???) was right on his heels. Everyone stayed strong, and I managed to turn my spine into hamburger meat during BBSU's.

Toss the mic over to Smurffy for the remaining 15 minutes and he called out box jumps and dips. On a wall that was about 6' tall....with a peaked, and wobbly top...

COT: Prayers that Titlemax and Speilberg will survive this weekend. And for all the little bros at camp.

Naked Man Moleskin: Weekend observations:

Have you ever driven cross-state with G-String? Please reach out to me or Floppy prior to embarking on said journey...

The Conyers CFA could take a lesson or 10 from Bo Berry on how to manage a drive through. And why were those two girls wearing jackets...it was only like 110 degrees out.

Me and Floppy spent most of the weekend trying not to make eye-contact with our too cool for school boys. Copperhead liked it when I busted him trying to go in-through-the-out and snag some more Apple Jacks. I was just trying to protect him from the Cereal Nazi Mrs. Papa John!

When the DJ's in the cafeteria were overwhelmed by song requests, they started sending the kids down to Team Dish Return where we proceeded to take every request and "call them in" to the DJ via our ear pieces. 6th graders are pretty dumb. "Can you play Old Town Road?" You bet! Is that by Ricky Bobby? Blank stare...

Titlemax and Speilberg came to Team Dish Return with a desperate plea to bust a couple of their little bros who snuck out at 03:00. The look on their sweet little faces when they admitted their offenses and acknowledged that we would be calling their parents is something I won't soon forget.

Approximately 93% of all camp food goes directly into the trash. Great.

Have you ever smelled G-strings feet? Don't

Team Spartan Course Set Up really crushed it in the air compressor department. Little known fact: G-string can eat an entire large pizza, he's a bit of a "picker" and absolutely dominates at ultimate frisbee.

Taking naps in the inflatable boats at midnight, and draining all the hot water from the cabins whilst filling up the pool. Sorry, ladies!

Belly flop competition was a flop, except for that one bro who absolutely nailed it. Back flip into a totally sold-out flop. Bravo...bravo

Last year, I noticed that PJ and Mrs. PJ had Event Team all figured out. My plan this year was to stay close to them. They did not disappoint. Had all the best jobs - especially driving the box truck around all weekend. Random question: can you get lung cancer from one weekend of inhaling diesel fumes?

Chris from THE RATTLERS!!! Pray for his parents. Yeeesh, that little bro is a handful.

So, the Leader Lounge is where all the magic happens. At least 10 Keurig's, snacks galore, any type of drink you could imagine, and the most amazing LL Manager imaginable. We studied her every move. She crushed it - keeping it constantly stocked, neatly arranged, and clean as a whistle. I feel a little bad about switching those chips and leaving that one lone-wolf goldfish cracker out on the table. Floppy made me do it. I'm a bad person.

Speaking of Floppy, he choked when we went around the circle in the LL on the first night. He was so close to saying "Todd Bowker, 50, Floppy" That would have been special!

All in all, an absolutely awesome weekend. Tons of laughs, incredible leadership, worship, and FUN by all of the Transit staff and volunteers. The kiddos from Decatur City, Woodstock City, and Buckhead all seemed to have an amazing weekend!

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