Grown men acting like kids. Mooning each other, cussing while cramping, riding bicycles flying down gravel roads, splashing each other in canoes, and other fun stories from the BEAR 2019.

Dates: 10/05/2019

Where: black_ops

QIC: Hombre

Number of Pax: N/A

The Thang: In no particular order... top 17-ish?

First section Trekking, entire group heads off to Checkpoint 1. But with Hombre and Katniss Trekking skills the 2 F3 teams shoot through the woods to Checkpoint 6. Pretty sure we got a great head start through the Trekking section. But at least we beat Team Mountain Goat Adventures to Checkpoint 6!

Beautiful day for Adventure Race, 64 degrees at race start, 74 high. But only took about 5 minutes before Garf's shirt comes off. The boobs were out. And the shorty shorts. At every transition area the helper ladies were giggling and taking pictures. We find out from Jeff that his team was almost DQ'd and that shirts will be required in future races.

The final biking section checkpoint under a bridge with Katniss and Floppy going into the creek to get it... Katniss says "let's go the other way back out it will be easier, then almost walks right into a golden shower from the pissers over the bridge on the way back out.

Same checkpoint coming out of the creek, Floppy walks into a limb that stabs him in the head. Finishes the ride with a branch hanging out of his helmet and is completely clueless said branch is in there.

Checkpoint 10. DAMN YOU CHECKPOINT 10. Nobody could find it. Seemed like 2 hours wasted. All navigation skills out the window. We climbed up one cliff, NOPE. Road bikes back up the gravel road. Hombre presses back to find it. Rest of the PAX say screw it. Solo Hombre climbs another Cliff, drops backpack to press on, no map no whistle no nothing. NO CHECKPOINT. We're yelling for him, he's yelling for us, tried to call him, he finally backtracks to find us all waiting. So we press on and find 3rd cliff/hilltop to go up. Bushwacking like crazy, a couple PAX FINALLY find the checkpoint. But then how in the hell do you get back down? We ended up way down the road from where we started and had to hike it back up to the bikes.

Finally, the uphill ends, we got #10, and we fly down the gravel road. We're a tight packed group of racers with some other teams around us cruising down a gravel road like a Tour de France Peloton. (1) If someone goes down there will be no skin left on their body. (2) If someone goes down they will take like 8 others out with them. (3) If someone goes down we are not going back for them because it will be more uphill gravel. All the way down. To. The. Bottom. But. What. About. Checkpoint. 11. Complete forgot and blew right by #11. WHOOPS!!! So we go back up the hill for it right? HELL NO. There is no way anybody is going back up that F&$&ing Hill. Screw #11.

Ham radio operator couple found in the woods on the side of Checkpoint 9 having lunch and writing the stuff they hear mysteriously on a sheet of paper. We thought we were getting DQ'd since the group had separated. Only 2 guys made it to that checkpoint up the steep gravel roads while the rest recovered.

Hard Hittin almost killed a guy again. Something about a guy telling him to move out of his way, Hard Hittin did not like that??? Guy said he was kidding, brief argument, then guy very apologetic. Hard Hittin: No! I do not accept your apology and rides off.

Final trek, running along with Hunter who was documenting with pics & video (son of Jeff who organizes the race). UD says CUT THROUGH THE WOODS for the next checkpoint. Hunter says... um, no Bushwacking in this section. What? Trails only? Booooring. We listen briefly but cramping PAX do it anyway.

Katniss with the full moon of the other clown car x2 on the drive up. So naturally, Katniss and crew get 3 full moons from Doubtfire's crew back at Mickey's house to complete the day.

No beer at the park. SUCKS. Vodka and Mountain Dew? Best drink I've ever had. Thanks Garf!

Cramp City! What the hell. From about mid-bike ride all the way to end of the race every PAX cramped at some point. If you got out of the canoe in the mud, feet sunk to your knees, the cramps were so bad you were stuck there.

Hombre with the "Hurry up and catch Katniss and Garf" in the Canoe. STROKE STROKE STROKE. Only to catch up and splash Katniss and hear "If you do that, I will kill you". Hombre seemed so depressed.

Deer. Look at the deer. Did you see the deer? OMG who gives a crap about the damn deer where is the FREAKING CHECKPOINT!!!

The views from the tops of cliffs and mountaintops were amazing in this one. (Sentimental entry)

The uphill on gravel literally never ended. Having nightmares about it. Should be at the top just around this curve NO. The gravel was the largest gravel I've ever seen. It was bumpy going up! But then going down at 45 MPH your whole body shook like you strapped to a jackhammer.

Request for AR 2020... No Gravel Roads!

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