7 for a Black Ops Beatdown just across the border in Forsyth County

Dates: 07/10/2019

Where: black_ops

QIC: Homeboy

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Hombre, Cricket, Bloodhound, Doubtfire, Floppy, Manning, Homeboy

The Thang: *** The Manning Black Ops Top 10XXX 13:

13. Mickey can go from HC to NC faster than Homeboy can drive out of a Kroger parking lot with Cricket running after him
12. Cricket with a very un-Cricket stare down of HB upon arrival at SM. #icy
11. HB with a weak attempt to apologize about 1 mile into the run. I just figured out why he’s so fast on the trails…
10. Hey Flappy, HaHa called – he wants his 3” inseam shorts back. Yes I’ve used that joke before.
9. Doubtfire introducing himself to Hombre. That wasn’t awkward….at all.
8. 7 guys and 6 different routes. That doesn’t seem possible… until you look at the roster. Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4, Alpha 5, Alpha 6, and Doubtfire, who is like our pet goldendoodle
7. Bloodhound with Operation: Ketchup Packet. I fell three times….Uh huh…suuuuuure you did. We should rename you to GloryHound.
6. Hey (to nice family of 4 hiking at 6:20am for some unexplicable reason) did you see a really dorky guy wearing a green shirt run through here about (ahem) 3-4 seconds ago? Yeah, he took that lower (and much easier) route. Oh really??? Once a cheater, always a cheater…
5. Hey guys, I have a surprise for y’all. It’s Awesome! Yeah, it’s coffee, well actually it’s Kaffe and I brewed it myself…Annnnnnd, I added a drop of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Uhhhhhh I think I got it, but could you tell us all again, because we weren’t paying attention.
4. Ohhh, let’s all discuss our max heart rates!!! Suuuuuuuuuper fun!
3. C4 weaseling his way into the post-race convo. Looks like someone might be a wee bit jealous about missing out on all the fun! And he slammed my Yankee vernacular which is always fun!
2. I ran like a deer. Ok, with a deer for about 100’ That was about the highlight of my morning. My mind did wander at one point and thought what it would be like to be attacked by a mountain lion and how I would heroically kill it with my bare hands. These are the kinds mental shenanigans that us help take our minds off the suck. Floppy shared a riveting story about how he was thinking about ________________
1. Dropped off Flappy and then drove past DJ Swisher’s house and saw him looking all masculine and manly tossing out some feed to his 600 different farm animals.

COT: Prayed for dudes who ain't out here. We want you back!

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