You bring the shoes, we’ve got he runs covered.

Dates: 2019-04-09

Where: flying_v

QIC: Exile

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Gut Check, Hooch, Geek Squad, Swiss, Trill, Doddy, Swampdonkey, Beater, Exile

Number of FNGs: 2

FNG Names: Miata, Gambler

Warm-O-Rama: Discussion of pre-run bowel movements, and communication of the route before taking off.

The Thang: South to Fowler street to cross on to Main. From there we followed Rope Mill north to Ridgewalk Parkway, where a few gazelles took the long way around the outlets to get in some extra distance (good work Swamp Donkey, Geek Squad, and Beater!)
From Ridge Walk and Main we turned S to return to downtown Woodstock, optional extension down and back the Green Prints trail to Pinehill Drive for those PAX eager for more! Worked out well on timing as we were all able to meet up at the flag for COT right on time. Great work by all! PAX were smart looking out for one another and sticking together for all road crossings.

COT: Prayers of thanks for safety on the roads, and ask for continued safety for future. A lot of gratitude for community found in F3!

Naked Man Moleskin: This AO is great for getting out to get in the miles and get to know your fellow PAX. Good conversations happen during the run, and we even had some pre-ruck and simul-ruck action with Geek Squad and Hooch getting in the early work!

Two FNG's named today at the V:
"Miata" - named for his enthusiasm for Jeeps and off roading. A great guy you should get to know.
"Gambler" - FNG #2, shared that he's rolled the dice on skipping his usual pre-run visit to the loo in the past and come out on bottom. But he didn't brown-nose during the naming, we just dumped this one on him. After the run of course all were pooped, but Gambler killed it today and should be back for more runs, even though I'm sure he was wiped, came out solid.

Trill stepped up today to take on Site Q for the Flying V - a true HIM! Great guys all around today, proud to call these men friends!

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