Our small but strong group worked hard this morning passing stones.

Dates: 10/10/19

Where: stoneclad

QIC: Good Hands

Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Z93, Beerproof, Red Hat, Ma Bell, Pooky, Good Hands

FNG Names: n/a

Warm-O-Rama: Smurf star jumps, hillbilly's, mtn climbers, starfish crunches, sun gods

The Thang: short mosey to pile of stones--each pax selected the best one possible; mosey back to flag with stone over head
--Bears & Blocks--in a shoulder to shoulder line pax put stone at feet; while in plank position, pulled stone in front, inched worm to stone; rinse/repeat
--Tower of Trust--pax hold stone out from body with arms extended while one pax bear crawled under stones (modified to overhead presses and curls
--Walk like an Egyptian--single file line spaced on parking lot lines; all pax lunge to right leg and hold until the pax in back of the line goes to the front; he calls left and everyone switches to hold the left leg lunge; added stones on 2nd wave
--Super 11's--1 merkin/1 big boy, 2 merkins/2 big boys...up to 11 count
--Hot potato--in pairs on six--locked ankles; one pax did big boy with stone while other was upright; on the up the one with the stone passed it to the waiting partner
--toe touches on curb
--45's--curls with pax taking turn calling low, high, and full curls (5 count of each)
--short wall climb--each pax is in plank in front of a wall; using 4 count first right hand up on wall, then left hand (both) up on wall, then right down and left down back to plank
--We finished with pax leading a solid round of Mary

COT: continued prayers for marriages and pax with job transitions
***I forgot to mention in the COT, but prayers for a family in Woodstock going through the loss of a young son to suicide--this is happening all to often in our country and our communities.

Naked Man Moleskin: the Stoneclad numbers are never large, but the smaller numbers allow for personal conversations

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