Wait…What was her name?

Dates: 2019-10-22

Where: castle_black

QIC: Aisle 7

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Dixie Chick; Wingman; Babyface; Aisle 7

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey down to the end of Castle Black street for a little warm o rama.
SSH- 10
Weed pickers-10
Okay that’s enough, lets go party downtown

The Thang: YHC has not Q’ed in quite a while. Truth is YHC has been struggling trying to find or make time to get out to other AO’s. Due to school and early work hours, Castle Black is the closest to home and work. No excuses I just have to make it happen.

Castle Black PAX started with a short, 1/2 mile, uphill stroll from the Castle to downtown Ball Ground to get the party started. (Dang that’s a long stroll!).

Round 1- (18 Light Post)
Starting at the 1st light post near the barber shop, the PAX would start (1) Merkin (1)Jump Squat and increase by (1) at each light post, continue until the last light post near the baseball field. (Modify if needed… Okay I will)
YHC is not very good at math but thinks the count was:
Total Merkins- (171)
Total Jump Squats- (171)

PAX cross the street to congratulate and get a quick selfie with the new Ball Ground bride. She sends her best to those who could not make it to the party. YHC really wanted to go to new unseen territory but due to time we had to move on. YHC already has plans for the next Q and some new territory.

Round 2- (18 more light post)
PAX started with (1) BBSU (1) Starjacks and increase by (1) at each light post, continue until the last light post near barber shop. PAX made it to 10 light post and had to modify due to time.
Starting at light post 11, we did (1) BBSU and continue to the last light post near the barbershop.
Total Starjacks- (55)
Approx. BBSU- (64)

PAX start the 1 / 2 mile stroll back to the Castle. Thank goodness it’s downhill, but going back seemed to be longer.

COT: Prayers for coworkers of Dixie Chick and Geek Squad. Prayers for the health of all F3 families.
God is good all the time.

Naked Man Moleskin: Each time I come through downtown Ball Ground at night I wonder why so many light post were installed on main street. It reminds me of a lighted runway. When my 2.0’s were younger I would pretend to be a pilot of an airplane (AKA Honda Odyssey MAN van at the time) and I would come over the intercom system with some crazy announcements to make the 2.0’s laugh. WOW how time fly’s, kiddo’s are now 19, 14 and 10. I still do it sometimes just because it was simple, fun and made a good memory for me and I hope the kids.
Dad's remember to make FUN memories.

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