“Boys, we missed a lot of chances tonight. We need to get back to basics. Monday practice will be blocking and tackling drills”, says every football coach, every Friday night, every season since 1642 or whenever football started.

Dates: 2019-09-04

Where: woodstockrucks

QIC: 8-Bit

Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Hooch, Gut check, Gambler, Hass, Lexi, Chops, 8-Bit

Warm-O-Rama: It's rucking. Just ruck on, grab the flags, grab the 40lb sandbaby, and go. Trade the flags and the sandbaby throughout the ruck.

The Thang: Tonight's focus was initiated by a Gut Check/Cadre Flash soliloquy on complacency especially after growruck. We finished something great, and the temptation to let up a lot is hard to fight. Though recovery is needed, YHC wanted to push the group to continue their level of fitness that has been achieved so far. Thus time to get back to the rucking "blocking and tackling". It is what every football coach does in Monday practice, so it's got to be good for us!

-Ruck to the end of Rubes Creek Trail.
-Circle up for some PT at the end of the trail.
-PT was 4 rounds of the following
-10 hand-release merkins
-10 ruck deadlifts
-10 ruck overhead press
-10 ruck high pulls
-10 ruck squats
-10 werewolves (I know, I know. Not a block/tackle basic. Just looked up something different in the F3 exicon to throw at the ruckers)
-100+ yd suitcase carry with right hand
-100+ yd suitcase carry with left hand

-I will choose to omit the number of times that I forgot to lead us in the squats. Let's just say that it was more than 1. However thank you Gut Check for catching the misses and ensuring that we get all the PT reps in!

-Upon completion, ruck on and get some miles in. Hey, there's Lexi. Come join us! In all, we rucked 5.47 miles (we had a wide array of gps watches that were somewhere around that number).

COT: Lots to pray about. Really if we are honest, this would be the largest section in every backblast. It is not always fun to discuss and list our problems, but God never said that anyone's list was too long, too big, or too tough. He said something about bringing ALL of our burdens to Him because He cares for you.

List of prayer requests:
-foster child visits with birth parents occurring this weekend. prayers for children involved and foster parents to recover from the visit with grace, love, and somehow peace
-prayers for healing for godaddy's family member and Gambler's old coworker (Jairus)
-prayers for the F3 event in the amphitheater on Saturday. Specifically praying for sad clowns to realize that they need someone to lean upon. Though they will get a good workout, get in shape, and create some good habits, the most important thing is for each sad clown (and us too) to realize that we do not have to do this life alone. There is obviously God, but He can use so many other men to help, to comfort, to speak, and to teach in our time of need. That time of need will definitely come at some point for every one of us. Gotta grow them relationships now!
(...sorry...sermon over...)

Naked Man Moleskin: I was the 6th man on Wed night. I said something about really liking the 1st F but being astounded at the actual implementation of the 2nd and 3rd F's. Not too many groups of peeps have all of those in place. This backblast is more reflective than funny, but I guess that happens sometimes. Let's keep getting stronger, getting them waistlines down (ok, that was just for me), and remember to not get complacent.

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