No Rules, just right. Wait, we need rules! 24 PAX made for a great morning for this fine experiment in ultimate.

Dates: 2019-07-02

Where: paragon

QIC: Westside

Number of Pax: 24

Pax Names: Panhandle, Beerproof, Good Hands, Grylls, Tinder, Pookie, Bo Peep, Woody, Dizzy, Chandler, Tebow, Pink Panther, Drumstick, Tally Man, Nomad, Danica, Garfield, Orphan, Wingman, Almost, Ball Boy, 8-Bit, Gumball (2.0), Westside

Number of FNGs: 1

FNG Names: 8-Bit

Warm-O-Rama: Moseyed to the football field for:

15x SSH
10x Windmills
10x Toy Soldiers
OYO Sun Gods (frontwards and backwards)

Counted off (under protest) and divided the group to odd and even teams. Time to explain the game

The Thang: Ultimate Froccer

The goal is simple - teams are to get the ball (glow in the dark soccer ball) down the field and score when they make it to their end zone. The whole field was used. The rules are:

- Overhead throws or punts to get the ball down field
- Once caught, they player can only pivot
- Dropping the ball causes a turnover
- Deflections are allowed and result in a turnover

To Score:

Players must be outside of the end zone and kick the ball to another player in the end zone. Any ball caught in the end zone from an over head throw must be thrown out and then kicked back in.

COT: Name-o-rama, 6th man (Pookie), FNG Naming, Announcements, Prayers and Praises

Naked Man Moleskin: Top 10:

1. Apparently counting off at the beginning of a beatdown results in mutiny. I wanted to make the teams even, but I haven't seen anyone get bent out of shape since LawDog ranted about warm-ups
2. Random rant about Homeboy not being there. Odds he shows up to the coffeteria dropped to 30%
3. First time I was told I wasn't loud enough. I guess if the PAX aren't told to move in closer, they'll just stand their and shout mumblechatter insults. Nice!
4. Game on - oh wait! who is on who's team? Oh crap, shirts vs. skins. Yeah, that was a good idea...
5. Georgia heat + morning dew + running around like a madman = very slippery ball that is hard to catch with no shirt
6. Panhandle getting aggressive slapping the ball out of PAX hands. ABC - Always be Cheatin'. Rule change!
7. First goal - Shirts. Score is 1 - 0. Who knew having a shirt on and gloves would increase your catch percentage?
8. Punting the ball down field became more popular than actually throwing it. Even though the completion percentage was a fat 0%. Bold move cotton
9. In the end zone and YHC is wide open. Punt looks good, I'm ready. Almost....nope. Woody comes out of nowhere and I end up wrapping my arms around him while falling into the end zone. Hope it was as good for him as it was for me 🙂
10. Last minute punt and those dirty cheating shirts scored another goal. Final score 2 - 0. Refinements to be made to the gameplay but it was blast. This deserves a repeat.

Appreciate the Paragon for hosting and for the massive turnout! The competitive spirit among our PAX is amazing and the mumblechatter is always on point. No matter what life throws my way, I always find peace for those 45 minutes with you gents in the gloom. I look forward to many more sunrises with all of you!


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