The Buff never disappoints. QIC didn’t completely think through the workout and disaster was waiting right around the corner. His name is Manning.

Dates: 2019-10-01

Where: buff

QIC: The Mole

Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Homeboy, LawDog, Chitwood, Harp, Manning, Cricket, Gekko, Einstein, Kiffin, Doubtfire, The Mole

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around front loop
SSH - Weed Pickers - Sun Gods

The Thang: Since QIC didn't think through the first routine correctly, he was adjusting on the fly.
Partner up
Partner 1 carries both KB overhead Zamperini style around loop.
Partner 2 bear crawls until Partner 1 catches and they switch.

Keeping same partner
DORA 1-2-3
--100 Curls
--200 Overhead Press
--300 Squats
Partner 1 lunge walk to end of parking row and run back
Partner 2 does exercises.
(During squats portion one of the PAX suggested carrying KBs instead of lunge walk which is exactly what the QIC had been contemplating already. Good audible.)
Mary for the 6

Run lap around school (in the dark).

Keeping same partner
20 partner rows
20 Pattycake merkins
Plank for the 6

Now the 5-pound plates finally came into use.
Partner 1 holds plank
Partner 2 does shoulder raise super set (QIC's made up name)
Switch repeat
lap around front loop
Lap around front loop

Crunchy frogs until time

COT: --LawDog mentioned Holiday Lights of Hope. F3 has helped with setup the last couple years. Be on the lookout for information as we want to partner with these great organizations again.
--Kiffin sent out some information for a fundraiser for Papa's Pantry.
--Graffiti lost his mom and is trying to get his dad moved here to Cherokee County. Prayers for that process
--Drumstick and his M having difficulty. Currently separated. They have 3 girls.
--Dilbert in similar situation with his M.
--Goat Milk has been MIA. Word has it, he is lifting weights at a gym a few days a week with a buddy. But still needs prayers as he is transitioning after his recent divorce.

Naked Man Moleskin: YHC initially wanted the partner exercises to involve small 5-pound plates. One partner would grip the 5-pound plates together and carry a distance. Good forearm workout. However, YHC didn't think through exactly how many plates would be required for such an endeavor. Alas, the PAX were stuck with bear crawls and lunge walks.
Manning wore some ridiculous thing on his head. Then he opened a box at the end of the workout and gave everybody one. Dude. Not everyone wants to be like Gronk and TB12. Thanks though.
Homeboy tried to convince Doubtfire that "Divot's" MIA status was all his fault. Doubtfire is gullible people.
Einstein must think highly of The Mole. He posted to The Mole's Q at The Buff. The Mole feels honored.

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