With little notice and a more than questionable excuse, Manning advised he would not be appearing for his long scheduled and self-ballyhooed Pineapple Q. No matter, the Pineapple Q’s itself.

Dates: 2019-08-28

Where: pineapple_express

QIC: Pie Bar

Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Lucky Charms, Gekko, Geek Squad, Pie Bar

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to swing set

The Thang: At swing set/playground, perform three sets of the following to elevate heart rate: 5 pull ups; 10 star jumps; 15 merkins.

Head to the trails for 30 minute trail run. Occasionally wait for the six and rope a dope/air jump rope while waiting. No PT during run.

Back at parking lot, perform one round of burpicides (doracides).

Head back to flag for 5 minutes of Mary. Exercises called included flutter kicks, Mike Tysons, predators, Carolina dry docks, copperhead squats, overhead claps, and American hammers.

COT: Thanks to Sky Q for cool morning, camaraderie, and able bodies. Prayers for guidance throughout day, and next day, and next. Mock Manning for cancelling his Q.

Naked Man Moleskin: It was a pretty quiet day at the Pineapple. No parasite infections, injuries, crapping in the woods, or getting lost. Just a good solid sweat. But, one question continues to linger: is Manning afraid of the Pineapple?

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