Promise Ring almost Merlot’d today. YHC almost did too. But we had a Flip Floppy Good Time, followed by some biscuits from a Flip Floppin Southern Girl across the street.

Dates: 05/28/2019

Where: castle_black

QIC: Floppy

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Legionnaire, Dixie Chick, Promise Ring, Babyface, Floppy

Warm-O-Rama: 0530 Mosey (0530-ish on my old fashioned non-GPS watch) down to the bus lanes
20x - you guessed it - The Side Straddle Hop - looking into each other's eyes
15x - The Imperial Walker
OYO - something new - Nancy Kerrigans - from the F3 Exicon: Lean torso forward, raise one leg out to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Forward on one leg, then switch legs and reverse.

The Thang: Thang 1: Burpee Mile
One lap around the lower parking lot = 1/6 mile.
Run a lap, perform 10 Burpees, rinse and repeat.
6 Laps, 5 sets of 10 Burpees, 50 Burpees Total.

Thang 2: Dora 1-2-3
Mosey back to the flag then down to the big field
The big field is about 100 yards long
Partner Up! One partner perform exercise, other runs down and back
100 Merkins (Count OYO so your Merkins count toward May Merkin Challenge)
200 LBC's as a team
300 Squats as a team

Thang 3: Elizabeth Warren Run
F3 Nation still has not recognized our petition to rename the Indian Run as the "Elizabeth Warren Run"
A line of 5 guys and you don't get much rest between sprints
We ran the hill at the entrance, the big loop up top, then down the hill again
AUDIBLE!!! Forget Elizabeth Warren, let's run back up the hill, OYO, fast as you can.

COT: Friday 3rd F event at Family Traditions.
Register for Grow Ruck we are up to 80!
Prayers for Promise Ring continued recovery from Wisdom Teeth surgery.
Also prayers for his graduation this week, and all the Cherokee Co. graduates.
Pray for Legionnaire's sister, Anne Laure, good news so far from breast cancer surgery, praying for continued progress.
We also prayed for Dixie Chick's daughter, Dasha, and continued restoring of their relationship.

Naked Man Moleskin: Over 3 miles. Tough beatdown today.
Oh, and Biscuits. Did I mention the biscuits?
Freaking Jalapeño Chedder Biscuits with Bacon Egg & Cheese.
Sorry Food Nazi's but that is some goooood stuff right there.

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