The cool wet grass was cold, not cold enough to freeze but still cold enough to make your cool toes cold and wet in the cool grass even though it was not too cold in the air on this cool morning.

Dates: 2019-11-26

Where: paragon

QIC: Pookie

Number of Pax: 23

Pax Names: Panhandle, Grylls, The Bagger, Woody, Dr. Thunder, Z93, Garfield, Wiggum, Ma Bell, Pelosi, Goodhands, Pink Panther, Tallyman, Bo Peep, Westside, Geppetto, Tinder, Tebow, 8 Bit, Katniss, Cricket, Grey Poupon, Pookie

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey up to Practice field for some SSHs, Week Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Michael Phelps

The Thang: 7 of Diamonds around the Practice Field: perform following workouts at each corner - same workout same count at each corner until the next round. In between corners: backward/shuffle/karaoke across the goal lines, run down the lengths of the field.
Rd 1: 7 Burpees (7 Burpees - Shuffle to corner 2, 7 Burpees - Run to corner 3, 7 Burpees - Shuffle to corner 4, 7 Burpees - Run to starting corner for Rd 2)
Rd 2: 14 Carolina Dry Docks
Rd 3: 21 Smurf Jacks
Rd 4: 28 Peter Parkers - Kodiak Count
Rd 5: 35 LBC's
Rd 6: 42 Flutter Kicks - Kodiak Count
Rd 7: 49 Peoples's Air Press
For those who finished they started working back down from Rd: 7 with just a little bit of Mary waiting for everyone to finish.
Time left - mosey to the curb for: 1 Min Toe Touches, 1 Min Incline Merkins, 1 Min Toe Touches, 1 Min Squats, 1 Min Toe Touches - Mosey back to flag for COT.

COT: Silverado's wife got some great news back so praise for that with continued prayers for a quick and full recovery. Prayers for all families who have recently lost loved ones and are going through their first Holiday Season without them which is an extremely difficult reminder. To everyone please be thankful for all that you have this week, it's very easy to take everything we have for granted but God has blessed us all with a lot more than most!

Naked Man Moleskin: Happy Birthday Tebow - Respect!! When Cricket is at your Q you need to have 2 routine's ready - 1 for Cricket and 1 for everybody else. Apparently a lot of people ate their Thanksgiving feasts early as I heard countless air bombs and Ma Bell confirmed he could smell em pretty much the whole workout which was spread out over a football field. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to whoever is heading out of town!

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