This would be easier if we could breathe

Dates: 2019-08-13

Where: buff

QIC: Cricket

Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Dilbert, Harp, Chitwood, Fudd, Quagmire, Manning, Haggis, Homeboy, Red Hat, Nets, Goat Milk, Cricket

Warm-O-Rama: 15 SSH
10 Windmills
10 Weed Pickers
Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang: KB Progression:
- 10 Burp and Clean (Burpee, then Clean the KB to the rack position)
- 20 Goblet Squats
- 30 Snatches (15 R/15 L)
- 40 Overhead Lunges (20 R/20 L)
- 50 KB Swings

Run a lap around the parking lot. (There was no real strategy behind the lap other than to give us a break from the KB. After 1 rounds, the forearms were burning.)

I had planned for a lot of rounds, but YHC quickly realized that wasn’t happening. The combo of the Snatch paired with the Overhead Lunge was just brutal. We knocked out 2 rounds and there were less 10 minutes left, so YHC called it off for another idea I had been wanting to sample.

2 KB Dora:
- Partner up and we’ll be using 2 KBs at a time for the exercise while the other partner just runs down and back in the parking lot. YHC had to keep the run short b/c the PAX would only be able to squeeze out so many reps with 2 KBs at once.
- 50 Overhead Press
- 100 Bent-over Rows
- 150 Chest Press

KB exercises hit the core really well, so the Mary at the end was special to all of us…
Mountain Climbers (I believe my shoulders were numb at this point)
Flutter Kicks
Box Cutters
Freddy Mercury

COT: Bloomer’s Dad; Good Hand’s mom; Manning’s FIL, Hugh; Dunder Mifflin

Naked Man Moleskin: 1. Chitwood standing firm on his refusal to actually purchase his own kettlebell. YHC recommends we increase the KB weight on him by 5lbs each week on the loaners until he breaks down to buy his own.
2. YHC barely avoided total disaster during the warm-up. We were going through demonstrations of the exercises; YHC went to perform a Snatch and lost my grip on the KB sending it flying through the air. Thankfully no PAX were standing close by. YHC rep’d everything at home last night, but certainly didn’t account for the approximately 400% humidity we had today. Al Gore, we are sorry.
3. Goat Milk was gobsmacked (yeah, I said it) at the suggestion of 30 Snatches followed by 40 Overhead Lunges. Get it done GM, then you get to do your funny hand motions at the end.
4. 5:42… welcome Nets!
5. Homeboy’s musical knowledge begins and ends with Skynard and ZZ Top; maybe a little Kenny Chesney for when the M is around. Can’t wait to see how these online guitar lessons are coming along.
6. Dilbert welcome back from Germany HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHHA!!
7. Fudd making a Buff appearance… wellness check was performed at approximately 5:55
8. I was a little concerned with PAX venturing to close to the road during Dora; a few of them had that far-off look in their eyes… Don’t follow the light!
9. Quagmire wishing he was dressed in impeccably pressed khakis and on a Safari about now
10. Manning & BENT-OVER Rows… not sure what was going on there… He just stood there upright with the KBs by his side and shrugged
11. Pretty sure I heard Haggis plotting my demise as he was muttering under his breath… is there such thing as Death-by-Scottish?
12. Red Hat was a man on a mission today, just grinding out reps and asking for more… next time we’ll move up to a 12lb KB, alright big guy?
13. Things like Chitwood’s post-beatdown cramps in the dentist chair are what keep me showing up in the gloom each day
14. Harp loves KBs and throwing heavy things around; he was totally enthusiastic about today. Unfortunately, it’s still a few weeks until he has the Q, I can only imagine what his evil mind will come up with by then.
15. I think Manning is the only one who reads these

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