In the spring of 1986,a group of men and women first toed the line at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee. It took until 1995 for anyone to finish the “100” mile, 5 lap race. To date, there have been 18 finishers. This is our pathetic tribute to this amazing endeavor, The Barkleys Marathons. F3 style

Dates: 2019-11-18

Where: clinic

QIC: Spaceballs

Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Flo, Bandcamp, Careless Whisper, Pie Bar, Lexi, Hooch, Gut Check, Stopwatch, Nesquick, Driftwood, Fooseball, Homer, Office Party

Warm-O-Rama: This was going to be a big challenge. Warm ups had to be quick and easy. A short mosey onto the main stage. YHC was so excited for the beatdown, we rushed through weedpickers at 2x the nice slow speed I prefer to lead them. Right into a windmill and brief explanation of the concept and the PAX were off,,,

The Thang: Starting with B-Bearcrawl 360 in front of the stage. Run up the hill to the greenspace farthest from the stage for A-American Hammers(20X4). Short run to another greenspace,equally as far from the start for R-Reverse Crunches(20X4). Run through the parking lot behind the businesses for K-Knerrins(knuckle Merkins-20). Down the ramp to the back of the stage for L-London Bridges(Plank position, lift youreself onto the wall, one hand at a time and back down-20). Run to the bottom of the stairs for E-Everest(climb the stairs, squat on each step). Run down the steps for Yurpees(hand release burpees with 2 jumps-20). The goal was 5 laps. A few PAX got 3. Also known as a "Fun Run" we all ended with countless Yurpees as time expired on our workout.

COT: Prayers for those going through big life changes. Leaving jobs and looking for them. Each PAX said something they need to improve in their lives.

Naked Man Moleskin: This workout is designed to make you fail. It represents a nearly impossible goal, but also the need to keep pushing towards that goal. Whatever those things are in your life, Don't give up. Keep putting one foot in front of the last.

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