Creative minds are often misunderstood. The Pax seem to love video hosts, so I would be remiss not to oblige. After all, this workout received 4.1k likes and only 98 dislikes. Well until today…

Dates: 2019-10-15

Where: buff

QIC: Manning

Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Cricket, Law Dog, Homeboy, Yogi, Geek Squad, Harp, Einstein, Kiffin, Red Hat, Manning

Warm-O-Rama: Funny how these bros automatically assembled into the standard "boy band music video triangle" pose without even being prompted.
Boxer jog in place
Lateral hops
High knee holds
Butt kicks
Toe touch kicks
Alternating lunges
Fly jacks

The Thang: HIIT Groups of 2 exercises in an AABB (x2) format
20 seconds on 10 active seconds off

1 minute interval of a kettlebell exercise in between each HIIT group

Pop Squats
Broad Jumps + Thigh Slap Jumps

Kettlebell swings

Switchfoot Mountain Climbers
Lateral Burpees

Clean & Press

High Plank Twists
Switchfoot Jumps

Around The World

Lateral Jumps + 3 Knees
Double Burpees

Lunge & Static Press

Cardio Burnout Round
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Fly Jacks

10 MOM
Manning: 3 rounds of Chest Presses
Cricket: Goblet Squat Lunges
LD: Zamparini's
HB: Alternating KB Swings
Yogi: KB Burpees
Geek Squad: Some brutal and demented side lunge thingy
Harp: Squat Curls
Einstein: KB Plank pull acrossers
Red Hat: American Hammers
Kiffin: Curls for gurls

COT: Announcements for the upcoming Color Runs at Freedom & Creekland MS. Support these campuses that we use all the time by participating or making a ghost runner donation
Praise for the ability to get up and out into the gloom every day where we are held accountable and made stronger by our brothers

Naked Man Moleskin: What is The Buff?

The Buff is a place where...

We pore over real estate data and make educated opinions on commercial property value
We listen to Harp's crappy music
We play with rosin bags
We get shamed for "inaccurate" mileage on Strava
We don't provide coffee
We do provide free buffs
We play on swings
We make fun of Law Dog
We get yelled at for no reason by Babyface
We enjoy the stench of the nearby dump
We don't pay much attention to spreadsheets
We yield to the bus lady
We bring extra KB's, tiny KB's, Inflatable KB's
We wear wrist bands, bandanas, and sleeveless hoodies
We get ripped, jacked....AND pumped!
We don't allow dogs
We respect the graves
Sometimes we run
Sometimes we don't
Sometimes we watch videos of women wearing neon leggings on a Leap Pad
But we always act like idiots and have the BEST time doing it

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