YHC was super excited for this beatdown I planned it two weeks ago and have been driving around with logs in my trunk. Pair that with going to Korean BBQ today I was ready for this beatdown

Dates: 2019-07-11

Where: safari

QIC: Aquaman

Number of Pax: 2

Pax Names: Doubtfire, Aquaman

Warm-O-Rama: As YHC was completing his foreplay beatdown, he realized there were 4 minutes until the mosey and he was all alone! Doubtfire thankfully or unfortunately? Pulled in so lets roll just the two of us. We were supposed to warm up with Jack Webbs but we grabbed a log out of my trunk and he reminds me he is life experienced so he needed to stretch. Make it to the bleachers and he warmed up as I explained since I already did a prebeatdown.

The Thang: Safari is a ruck beatdown. So we took a tour with a coupon, a 5 1/2 foot log/telephone pole. Had to modify with only two.

We were supposed to ruck to the concrete large bleachers by the field. As a team, choose box jumps with crunchy frogs or steps ups with ruck over head with xo's for 11's. Another team was supposed take a lap with a log. We went half way and took a lap

Next, we rucked with our log to the stairs in kroger parking lot that lead up to Mcdonalds. Forgot to hit 10 squats every light pole. Teams without pole were supposed to do 10 squats and 15 merkins. Going up you are supposed to do the opposite of what you did on the bleachers. So since i did box jumps I carried my ruck overhead, while Doubtfire held bicep planks at the bottom, switch and then both ruck him the stairs.

Return to the flag where we were supposed to do Captain Thors, but since we forgot to do Jack Webbs we finished those right on time

Naked Man Moleskin: When you only have a two man beatdown you really miss the comraderie and motivation to push a little bit. We still completed the beatdown with a little extra chatter.

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