I thought I took the easy way out doing my VQ at the Pineapple Express, however I got called out and the trolls were in full force on slack. My plan was not to suck.

Dates: 2019-08-31

Where: wartowne

QIC: PopUp

Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Sharapova Squirtell Ditka Rugburn mr. Belvedere Biff Moneyball Luck Charms Fleetwood Ratchet Gekko Swap Twinkle Toes Hard Drive Band Camp Einstein Showtime Iced T UConn Cornelius Andy Dufresne Pie Bar PopUp

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey to the turf field(couldn’t come up with another place where 22 would fit) 20 ssh, 10 wp, sun gods (oyo), Michael Phelps(oyo)

The Thang: artner up(size matters)
Round 1- 100 of each exercise combined. Between each station, rotate Sprint/partner carry(lots of modifying going on). Marry to wait for the 6.
Imperial walkers
Round 2 - 200 of each combined still rotating sprint/partner carry between stations. Marry to wait for the 6.
Side straddle hops
Big boy sit-ups
Round 3 - Switch partners before the round(wanted to see stronger Pax to match up with guys who needed encouragement) 300 of each combined still rotating sprint/partner carry between stations. Marry to wait for the 6.
Mountain Climbers
Air Press
Calf raises
Mosey back to the flag. There was a friendly race between Pie Bar and Lucky Charms with the winner being rewarded with props in the BB. Pie Bar won the props.

COT: Prayers for Mr. Garrison who he battling some serious cancer where he needs to travel to Philadelphia for treatments. We need to come together and assist him and his family.
Ditka is starting up The Jungle in a couple weeks.
Showtime has a VQ coming up

Naked Man Moleskin: I had been thinking about doing a Q on this date for a while and didn’t realize I never formally signed up for it(1st rookie mistake). Fortunately it took zero convincing to Dizzy to take since it’s only been a week since the Growruck where he killed it.
In the middle of the mosey of the warm up Pie Bar says you know have to keep this up for an hour, my adrenaline only got me through about 30 minutes(2nd rookie mistake picking a Saturday for a VQ to fill an hour up with pain)
Since I’ve been doing this longer than I should have before my VQ. I had a good understanding of what my goals were for this BD.
1) mix it up and hit all the muscles.
2) keep the Pax together
3) make sure all levels of pax get a good workout
4) some opportunity for mumble chatter

Lucky Charms got me to come out so it was fitting that he was the 6th man. He spoke about his experience to date and has really developed into a complete F3 Pax by exploring all the Fs

There’s a reason why I’ve avoided Qing for this long, lots of respect that Q frequently or take last minute Qs. Thanks to everyone that came out and have supported me throughout my F3 journey. Hard Drive for continuously coming out and encouraging me. I keep trying to reflect how special this is to this with my Dad.

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