Oh what to do with kettlebells the day before Iron Pax week 2…that’s the question!

Dates: 2019-09-11

Where: forge

QIC: Tiny Tat

Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Silverado, Drumstick, Ma Bell, Mouth 2 Mouth, Tiny Tat

Warm-O-Rama: Grab your bells and let's mosey on up to the hill in front of the high school. Circle up for SSH, Windmills, Michael Phelps.

The Thang: To remember 9/11, the entire beatdown would be a series of 11s. And to honor the firefighters and first responders who tackled an insane amount of stairs in those towers, we would be moving up and down the hill for the entire beatdown.

1st set of 11s
Big Boi Situps w/ KBs, Walk your KB up the hill, Plank KB Drags at the top

2nd set of 11s
KB Curls, Walk your KB up the hill backwards, KB Tricep Extensions at the top

3rd set of 11s
KB Upright Rows, Walk your KB up the hill, KB Lat Pullovers at the top

A bit of Mary waiting for the 6, then we're at time!

COT: Did the CoT at the front of the high school, prayers for Drumstick and his family, and for all of us to rely on Christ as our only sure anchor.

Naked Man Moleskin: Well...Drumstick showed up late and couldn't find us, eventually made his way to the front of the school and joined the party. Another small group at the Forge but these guys killed it today! The goal was to stay away from some of the regular big KB movements because I knew a few of us would be doing the Iron Pax week 2 the next day, doing those very same movements. It was a good changeup.
In total we made 30 trips up and down that hill with our KBs - great work fellas!

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