DATE: 07/17/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Cricket, Cousteau, MatchStick, Nomad, The Mole, Garfield, Glow Plug, Sawdust, Fleetwood, Good Hands, Law Dog, Dandy, Hasbro, Quagmire, Prem-0, Whammo, Aquaman, Swisher, Westside, Wiggum, and welcome FNG A.C. (short for Anderson Cooper or A.C. Slater – still undecided on which one).

Total # of PAX: 21

QIC: Wiggum


BackBlast posted via Garfield, my gift to Wiggum for stepping up and knocking out his VQ this morning. YHC likes to think the nerves, planning, and emotions involved with doing a VQ deserves a break on the first BackBlast, so Wiggum won’t have to do his own BackBlast until the next time he Q’s.

We entered the gloom and traded niceties for a while until 21 Pax gathered up at the Shovel Flag at 5:30 am . It was foggy and humid, and Garfield was glistening with sweat already. Wiggum called for a mosey, which was quite long to the bus lanes of the elementary school. This was a ceremony for Wiggum turning into a Chief today – no more virgin before his name – now it’s just Chief Wiggum!


15 SSH

10 Weed Pickers (lightning speed)

8 Windmill

Nicely paced mosey down to the bottom of the Hill of Pain where we would spend the next 30 minutes enjoying the Thang.


Wiggum informs us of the following Thang:

Start with 20 four-count LBCs. Backwards jog up the hill o’ pain. Turn around at the top, regular jog under the covered walkway to the patch of grass on the side. 10 burpees there. Continue down covered walkway down the stairs to bottom lot, and knock out 20 squats. Jog back up the stairs, toward patch of grass and hit another 10 burpees. Then proceed back toward hill o’ pain and jog back down the hill to complete 20 four-count LBCs. Rinse and Repeat over, and over, and over, and over. And if you’re Dandy or other Gazelle’s like Quagmire, Nomad, or other fast Pax, probably ‘over’ again – until time expired. Props to Dandy for lapping many of us, then dusting us on the way back the flag, then coming back to pick us all up again. YHC told him today he is like a loyal dog – he may run way ahead, but he always comes back. Good man!


Mole was our 6th Man today. We got to hear about how he received his F3 name (always digging in the ground being in engineering) about his M and two children, and how long he has been a part of F3 (for quite a while)! Also heard about his mission trip to El Salvador, which was a success. That led us to praise God for His intricate care for one of the ladies that joined him on the trip. She had been carrying an internal infection for quite a while and US doctors couldn’t figure it out. She fell ill on the first day there. It took an Infectious Disease specialist in El Salvador to run many tests to finally discover the problem. She and her husband come back tomorrow – praise God! If that’s not a miracle and a plan from God, I’m not sure what is.

Continued support for anyone who can help for the school supplies drive Ricky Bobby is running. Saturday is the deadline. Check out  website/C4NN for further info.

Continued prayers for ChapStick and his recovery from surgery.

I can’t remember anything else, but if I left you out, I love you and I’m sorry.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Rumors of a Fleetwood VQ are floating around the campfire. Someone said next Tuesday. Get ready!

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