The foundation of F3 is to give it away. F3 is not about yourself, it is about the guy standing beside you and the man who has not posted yet for the first time. In true F3 fashion it is time to give it away again. We are having problematic numbers at The Kodiak, The Paragon, and The Clinic. If you are new to F3, problematic is not a bad thing (unless we sit on our hands and not do anything about it.). According to the founders of F3 a problematic workout is when you consistently have more than 18 men show up for a workout. Here are a few reasons why a workout with 18+ men is problematic:
1. It is hard for the Q to lead a workout with 18+ men.
2. Men get lost in such a big workout and have a hard time connecting with other men. Ultimately when a member of the PAX does not connect with other men, he will not keep coming back long term.
3. After 7 years, F3 has learned you lose fellowship with such a big crowd.
4. It can be intimidating for a FNG to show up for a workout the first time when there is more than 18 men present. 
5. A FNG does not want to puke in front of 18+ guys. That goes for anyone actually. 
F3 has grown over the past 7 years across the entire country through multiplication by division. This is accomplished by constantly planting new workouts. When we launched F3 Cherokee, I was asked to help lead our expansion efforts. To be completely transparent, I have been caught a little flat footed with our growth since the launch. I knew we were going to grow, however you boys have put the pedal to the metal! 
For the reasons stated above, we will be much more proactive in planting new workout locations moving forward. Our goal is to follow the footsteps of regions like Charlotte, Memphis and Toledo.  As a matter fact, I don’t want to follow to long. My goal is for F3 Cherokee to be the leader when it comes to growth and recruiting sad clowns. 
So with all this being said, I need to say this. Please know from the bottom of my heart, it is not about how many AO’s we have or how many PAX post a beatdown in the morning. The driving passion behind my love for F3 comes from my own experience. Because of F3 I have made some of the best friends in my life, I am in great shape and my faith has grown exponentially. I know first hand how impactful F3 has been in my life and I want the same for each man I meet. I am sure their story will not be same as mine, but I know F3 will change a man. This is the reason I want our region to grow and  the only way to do that is to keep planting new workout locations.
Let’s talk specific expansion plans…. 
  • Dupree Park 
    • Saturday 7AM – Starts August 25th
  • The Vineyard (River Ridge HS) – Meet in front of stadium
    • Monday and Thursday 5:30AM – Started Aug. 13th
  • The Flying V 
    • Tuesday 5:30 – Launched Aug. 14th. Meet at Woodstock Canyons Burger
  • B0.0mTown (Veterans Park) – Saturday 7AM / 0.0 workout 
    • Starts Aug 11
  • Bridgemill Area – TBD
  • Woodstock Wednesday Beatdown – TBD
  • North Cherokee High Intensity Style Beatdown – TBD 
  • More options in Hickory Flat Area – TBD
The mission of F3 is to reinvorigate male community leadership. F3 has a ton of different ways each member of the PAX can grow as a leader. One of the first steps you can take is to Q a work out. Even if you think you are not ready, trust me. You are ready. You will be nervous and you will screw up. Every one of us screwed up during our first Q (some of us still do after a year and a half of being a part of F3). In order to keep things different and engaging, we need all the men of F3 Cherokee to step up and Q. Variety is what makes F3 so much fun. Plus by you volunteering to Q, the region is constantly growing our bench of leaders who can help us launch new AO’s. You will grow as a leader each time you Q. It is hard to explain what happens but leading men for 45 minutes through a workout pushes your outside your comfort zone. Any time we do something outside of your comfort zone, we grow. In Charlotte you will basically find an AO within 5 miles from anywhere you are located. I want the same for F3 Cherokee. I need every brother that is part of F3 Cherokee to help us accomplish this goal. 
Final Word
Please don’t be limited by the locations we have outlined above for immediate expansion plans. IF you would like to plant a new workout, COME SEE ME. Don’t limit yourself to the list of locations listed out above. My only job as Expansion Q, is to help you get started planting a new AO and be sure you have everything you need to succeed. With that in mind Law Dog, Babyface and myself put together two prerequisites we are asking from a man when he wants to plant a new work out. Here goes:
  1. Commit to being the site Q for 1 year. Don’t stress about this time commitment. If something happens with work or family, someone from the PAX will step up and lead. They always do.
  2. Read “Freed to Lead” by the co-founders of F3, Dave Redding and Tim Whitmire.
  • We will help you plant the new AO. For the first 4-6 weeks we will put together a group of guys who will be sure everything kicks off successfully. These men will post there consistently during the first several weeks and help Q. We have a lot of core guys throughout the region who will travel and support new workouts. This will not be hard to pull together because the PAX is so excited to support the growth of our region. 
Thats it. That is all it takes to plant a new AO. 
Men, we have a ton of momentum right now and we need to take advantage of it.  I pray that in the next couple of years F3 Cherokee is just like Charlotte and we have shovel flags planted in every place possible throughout Cherokee. Not only that, I want us to be strong so we can help launch new F3 regions surrounding Cherokee county. I know I have covered a lot of ground in this email. Please feel free to call me and ask any questions you wish. I am passionate about this because I feel we are truly making a difference in our community. So I am giving of my time when it comes to F3 and I want to be here to help you in any way possible. 
Keep EH’ing boys. And remember. F3 is not about you. It is about the man standing beside you and the man who has not posted for the first time yet. 
Expansion Q

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