DATE: 07/20/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Matchstick, Hombre, Fleetwood, Babyface, Alcoa, Nomad, Whamo, Pauley

Total # of PAX: 9

QIC: Aquaman


As I waited for the pax to arrive, I was threatened by the screech of a nearby hawk. This should of been as sign as I definitely underestimated this beatdown and the size of the coupons behind the school.


Quick lap around the school and settled down for:

15 ssh

12 weed pickers


12 windmills



Continuing with the quarter theme(going to switch it up next week) we decided to pick up our coupons aka 2.0s for this wonderful partner beatdown.

partner 1 does a lap around parking lot stopping on each arrow to escalator count burpees. Luckily I picked the parking lot with less arrows.

Did I mention these coupons were pretty big?

Partner two keeping their own count completed:

50 kb swings/100 shoulder press/150 American hammers(kodiak count)100 squats and for time sake we skipped the last 50 lunches. As we waited for the six we completed 20 in cadence flutter kicks, box cutters, groinups

Each person completes around 4 laps equally 81 burpees.

Pressed for time we skipped the second round and moved straight to the (Mary) merry go round. With our coupons we held al gore hugging the coupon around the tree while each man completed 10 merkins. Next we quick moseyed over to the pole(not the same poles as the cheetah) and lined up in a straight line. Each man held plank as last man up did 10 merkins slapping the pole at the top and sprinting to the front. Some of us hurdling Hombre.


Safe travels  for Nomad as he goes through training in Utah.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Whamo was the six as we learned more about how we shouldn’t challenge him in frisbee and he commutes all the way to Hampton opening up a new church across from Jailhouse Brewery.

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