DATE: 07/28/2018

WHERE: Del Fuegos MtB Club

THE PAX: Lawdog, Shake & Bake, Fleetwood, Spandex, Floppy, Westside, Palin

Total # of PAX: 8

QIC: Spaceballs-


YHC decided to do a twitter promo video.  This was a first for me, and I was sure that the tease of an old school BMX bike would draw crowds of bikers to our twice monthly workout.  Thanks to Berman, filming went off without a hitch.  Apparently the video was a flop, considering that Hombre, Homeboy, and Manning decided to take their services elsewhere.  Maybe a cryptic tease next time?


Mosey to the grass oval bordered by a sidewalk adjacent to the Flags.  No FNG’s  today so we got right into it.

SSH and a slow set of weed pickers.  Time for the real warmup.

around the oval we had a 2X4, a cone, and a ramp.  Each PAX rode the bike from the promo video around the oval.  Balance on the 2X4, bunnyhop the cone, and jump the ramp.  Finish off with your best trick. 3 of the 4 are actually useful MTB skills.  Most PAX trick was stop without crashing.    The group in the middle did an AMRAP exercise while the course was ridden.

Merkins, Squats, Lunges, Plank, Squats, Shoulder Raises


YHC had promised a heavy ride day today.  The sun was up, helmets were on and the PAX was ready to go.  Off we went, under 575 to Explorer trail.  Todays direction was a CCW.  Loop 1 went well aside from a minor directional hiccup at the intersection with loop 2.  We all made it up the hill and over the rock garden, some with the help of a nice walk.  back down and over the bridge to loop 3.  The PAX waited for the 6 at the end of loop 3.  At this point YHC realized that no-one was familiar with the trail system and I should lead us out.  Back over the bridge, up, down, up, down again and to the intersection that caused the confusion to start.  This time directions were much clearer.  we ended Explorer and made our way out to Avalanche Trail.

Avalanche Trail is 3 loops stacked onto of each other.  The plan was to hit 2 waiting on the 6 at the intersections.  The ride went well but time got away from us and we had to cut it short, making it to the flag at 8:00:59


Inspired by recent events in my personal life, we discussed something that you want to help with.  Whats your 3rd F? The responses ranged from disaster cleanup, to assisting the elderly, to adoption guidance, and more.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Highlights from today-

Imagine 7 middle aged men and 1- 20 something riding a BMX bike for the first time in decades.

Palin pulling a 180 for his trick on the bike.  No-one else was even close.

Spandex not even trying to do the obstacles.

Laughter all around on this one.  Workouts gotta stay fun!!

YHC led us the wrong way on Avalanche.  Bad move and DANGEROUS!  I’ll do better next time

YHC didn’t witness this, but apparently Westside super manned at one point on the ride.  I got stuck in the pedals and fell over.  Always wear a helmet!  Crashes can happen at any time!

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