DATE: 08/20/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Dandy, Molsen, Banjo, Swisher, Tebow, Natty Lite, Voo Doo, Dixie Chick, Madoff, Quagmire, Garfield, Mickey, Banana Boat, Preacher, and Homeboy

Total # of PAX: 15

QIC: Homeboy


We kicked off Monday strong this morning at the Kodiak. YHC was excited to see Molsen and Garfield make an appearance. Also it is great to see new faces that are turning into regulars! Duke and YHC scouted the Kodiak grounds yesterday before church to plan today’s beatdown. Didn’t have to go far to come up with a plan.


SSH x 10ish – IC

Windmills x 10ish – IC

Weed pickers x 10ish – IC


Partner – Wheel Barrel 11’s 

Start with 1 Carolina Dry Dock Partner 1 does Wheel Barrel then both knock out 10 Donkey Kicks

Partner 2 does wheel barrel all the way through 11 routine

Next Thang

Start with a lap around car loop in front of Creekview

10 Partner Decline Merkins – P1 in plank position, P2 places feet on the back of P1 and knocks out 10 decline merkins. Then P1 and P2 switch.

Run another lap

20 American Hammers

Run another lap

30 Dips

Run another lap

Back to the flag for Mary (included flutter kicks, outlaws, leg holds by the called degree, LBC’s and Freddy Mercury)



Prayer Request / Announcements

  • Dixie Chick’s daughter – She is going through a tough time and relationship is strained right now.
  • Preacher – Making sandwiches for the poor / homeless this Saturday at St. Aidans Episcopal Church. Hit up Preacher for more details. Excellent 3rd F opportunity.
  • Garf and M adjusting to Asher hitting the scene!
  • Molsen’s father in law is recovering well from heart surgery

YHC talked about the importance for us men to have authentic relationships. As men we lean towards isolation and staying on the surface in our relationships with other men. Isolation will take us out.  Authenticity is key to us being good leaders, husbands, and dads. Here is the catch though. Most men are not brave enough to take the first step and be truly authentic. SO that means we must be vulnerable and take the first step. Start going below the surface with someone you trust. Talk to him about what is really going on in your life. Take the risk and be authentic. YHC bets your friend will follow your lead. BUT we must take the first step.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Natty Lite had a late prayer request. He asked YHC to pray for the Sky Q to be sure his fantasy football team went all the way this year. He also said it would be fine if the rest of the teams in the league sucked this year. Got it.

Swisher thought I literally brought 15 wheel barrels for the workout. He questioned how I was able to transport all of them this morning. Yep.

Banjo had a lot of questions about Madoff and how he got his name. He had never heard of Madoff. YHC was not surprised by this. Banjo is a simple man and I don’t think he gives a rip about crap going on the news. I like that and aspire to be the same way. The Sky Q has it all under control, including Natty Lite’s fantasy football team.

Good work boys!


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