DATE: 07/16/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: High Tops, Nasty (FNG), O’Doyle (FNG), Downy, Conquistador, Hooch, Fleetwood, Westside, Faux Hawk, Fuzzy, Wild Thing, Beater

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Manning


The answer to the question in the title is not “5.”  Clearly, YHC was off his game with not enough sleep – attributed to by a crazy night at the pool (ask, Coach or Preacher for exciting details…). Further compounded by being distracted by a making sure I had enough time to get to that 7:00am meeting…

But let me not bore you with the details and excuses. Let’s just get on with it, shall we?


Quote of the pre-beatdown: “I only came because I have the flag – Westside.” Gotcha, thanks for the spirit! A couple FNG’s, some niceties, and we were off. Up the steps and INTO the pavilion for an intimate warmup comprised of SSH/Manning-Style Weed Pickers/Sun Gods. A little too bright, and a little too cozy for my liking if truth be told. Side note 1: does anyone NOT start with SSH?  Mosey back down the the (notably missing) Pulte Park for…The Thang…


Circle up and experience The Wheel ‘O Pain (Not shockingly this is a free app…also not shockingly, our IT nerds would cringe at it’s functionality). Spin the wheel and endure the pain. For the record and to silence the critics, I did actually spend 7 grueling minutes updating the app for The Clinic. The random exercises options are as follows:

Side Straddle Don’t Stop x 100

50 LBC’s OYO

Rocky Balbroa’s x 4 x 25

Picklesimer Bully Burpees x 30

Bro-Back Mountain x 25

Fire Alarms x 25

Bro-Frog 100


Zamparini Indian Run

Bobby Hurley’s x 10 x 3 (or just 30, shut it)



Praise for Downy’s father who does not have melanoma

Continued prayers for Chapstick who is recovering from surgery

Prayers for our FNG Nasty who is entering F3 after a brief 15 year hiatus from regular exercise so he can say goodbye to Lipitor and his BP medicine. Call Dory, he has some awesome news to share!

Praise for Jesus and His grace in our lives.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Apparently there is a direct correlation to my sleep and my Q’ing ability. Here are today’s fails, in no particular order:

No coffeteria. Blame = Manning

CoT & FNG sequence OOO. Blame = Manning

No 6th man. Blame = Manning

No photo. Blame = Manning

Confusing Nasty with O’Doyle. Blame = Manning

Not collecting FNG info. Blame = Manning

Not properly explaining Bro-Back Mountains. Blame = Manning

Not buying the $0.99 App. Blame = Manning

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