DATE: 07/09/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: Pulte, Who Dat, Old Yeller, Mr. Miyagi (visiting from Chicago @f3naperville), who brought: Downey (FNG), Matchstick, Ricky Bobby, Fleetwood, Trojan Man, Roscoe P Coltrain, Mouth to Mouth, Nomad, Faux Hawk, Marky Mark, Satellite, Garfield, Westside, Chunk, Beater, Spaceballs, Hooch, Fuzzy, Wild Thing, Suave, Tiny Tat, Barney

Total # of PAX: 27

QIC: Manning


YHC was a wee bit nervous about today’s beatdown, and my fears came at least partially true. The Clinic is a big area with lots of places to explore. The amphitheater is also the perfect laboratory to try new things and to experiment. I wanted to throw the right blinker and check out the Chattahoochee Tech campus, and also to mix in a game to keep things fun…


The cars kept rolling in today and it looked like we were to set off with 26, until the mighty Garf was seen struggling to plant The Paragon flag as we headed back from a short mosey to the “Pulte warm-o-rama zone.” Get here when you can bro – glad you made it!!

SSH, Weed Pickers with perfect & all the way up form, hApPy JaCkS!


Audible #1 – Darkness

After an early arrival by YHC to scope things out – it was quickly decided that we needed to wait for the shenanigans until the sun started to peek out. Otherwise there may be a revolt with uncatchable throws (more on that in a minute, and speaking of revolts…)

Audible #2 – TB12’s

Loooooong mosey over to Chatt Tech where I was feeling the death stares on the back of my neck. Avoiding eye contact, and clearly rattled, I struggled mightily to explain TB12’s – starting with choosing partners. Apparently you can’t circle up and pick the guy to your left very well.  Alrighty then…

Matchstick and I teamed up for partner Bro-Kins and Bro-Pees. Again with the dagger stares! Sheesh, you’re gonna break me! [Side note: Matchstick is pretty awesome. Pulled into the lot in his Cherokee Fire pickup, grabbed his radio, and let everyone know that his awesome captain let him come – even though he was on duty! Respect! And he’s been busy EH’ing those other fireMEN!]. Ok, back to business. Almost immediately, I realized that we were going to have a major garf situation if we didn’t audible out of the burpee zone. After about 3/4 of the way through, we reported to the bottom of the hill of pain and finished up the bro-kins. Let’s forget this all happened, shall we?

Spaceballs led the mosey back to the amphitheater and circled up for some MARY while we waited on the 6.

Audible #3 – Wham-O

With the sun somewhat up, the PAX counted off by 2’s and we split up into two groups. After a little extra explanation, we started our game. Still not completely sure how this would go, we went for it anyway. Each team stays in their group at the bottom performing overhead claps, while one pax runs up 4 flights to find the frisbee. Throw the frisbee down to your team and hope for a catch. Drop = 5 burpees. Cycle through until all PAX had a chance to throw. I’ll be going back to throwing school if anyone is looking for me… Audible on the exercises in-between throws if you’re wondering.  Thanks for Spaceballs for stepping up to help with the explanation!

Still a few loooong minutes left so let’s stay in our groups and do some stage jumps, balls to the wall, and planks. That was a long three minutes, lol.

Short mosey back to the flag for:


Big group today, but we remembered to film the name-o-rama and welcome our newest FNG. Sometimes the unusual questions bring out the fun. General announcements about Swisher’s extravaganza, promoting the f3cherokee website, and praying for Chapstick’s and Downey’s father’s surgeries today. Amazing group of HIM’s making The Clinic pretty awesome!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Welcome, Downey! We won’t share your name story here. It sounds innocent enough, but Garfield now knows the truth. Downey posted on Saturday in Atlanta but did not receive a name. We got you, bro!

Mr. Miyagi – Thanks for visiting from F3naperville/Chicago! You’re on fire for F3! Even looking to check out The Paragon and The Playground this week! Woot!

Coffeeteria – Appreciate Westside, RB, and Garf for continuing the double duty on the coffee. Need some of the Newbs to step up and take over this task…hint hint…

Police & Fire – We are well represented by two of Cherokee’s finest. Roscoe, and Matchstick – thanks for coming and thank you for your service!

We’re starting to get some regulars at The Clinic. Your VQ’s are just around the corner boys. You know who you are. Don’t wait to be asked!! You got this!!

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