We have started to get a little momentum behind the 12 Labors CSAUP event being held on September 1st (the Saturday of labor day, and yes the 1st saturday of college football).  We doing this event to help a family out whose young Daughter (Falyn) is battling against cancer. This brave little girl has done her best to take every bit of this in stride and has shown Herculean strength already through this grueling fight.  


So let us show her that there are men willing to battle and show strength along side of her.  There is a challenge that we can overcome together that is taking place at Boling Park. You will be pushed physically and mentally, but together we will overcome, and be stronger for it.


Now if I have learned anything, it is that you guys really enjoy watching people punish themselves for the betterment of others (4 of us did an hour of burpees as a testament to that conclusion).  So here is what I am going to do. I hate cold. Anyone that worked out with me during this past brutal winter will testify to that fact. Cold is not my friend, I do not like it one bit. These hot humid days, to me, are the best types of days.  So with that said I am going to do the thing I hate the most to raise money for this family. For every thousand that we raise I will sit in an ice bath for a minute. If we raise $1000 – I sit for a minute, 2000 – 2 minutes, and so on. Again this may not sound bad to you, but I cannot tell you how much this is going to suck for me.


So to recap:

  • It will begin at 5 am, and will be completed well before kickoff for the day.  

  • 12 strenuous events to make us stronger

  • Earn your patch

  • Raise money for Falyn, who is battling cancer

  • Punish me in one of the worst ways I can imagine


You can sign up here and find more details on the event here: https://f3cherokee.com/csaup-2018-the-12-labors/


Donations can be made here:

Venmo: [email protected]

Paypal: PayPal Group


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