DATE: 06/23/2018

WHERE: Del Fuegos MtB Club

THE PAX: Homeboy, FNG-Shake & Bake, Floppy, Dory, Lawdog, Hoghtops, Aubbie, Fleetwood, Hombre, Spandex, Thurston Howell

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Spaceballs


The first F3MTB at Rope Mill-Del Fuegos- was a big success. After launching Wild Hogs 2 weeks ago at Blankets Creek, Del Fuegos had a lot to aspire to.  13 PAX showed up to get their wheels muddy including an FNG and an FNMTBer (Friendly New Mountain Biker).


We started a minute or 2 late.  MTB takes some set up time, and we will better account for this in the future.  SSH and Finkle Swings were the order of the day.  Then a bike mosey down Trestle Rock Trail.  At each bridge and gate we stopped for a little exercise.  Knee slappers, Bike Squats, Bike Curls, Switch Lunges,  and Bike Presses.  After hitting the end and coming on back, we rode to The Mill entrance.


After a quick stop at the trail entrance to point out entry and exit points, the PAX headed up the hill to the trail head.  Once at the top we started the workout.  10 dips on a bench, Ride down to the entrance for 10 Squats, then back up the hill to the trail head.  AMRAP for 12 minutes.

Next was a loop on Raceway.  Each bridge and the main turn around and the trail head were used as an exercise spot.  10 explosive jumps and 10 Bike Presses. 4 stops all together.

Finally the fun part.  1 lap of Raceway and Powerhouse.  The PAX Split at the entrance to Powerhouse.  Some said No Das and headed to the flag for some Mary.  No shame in modifying the loop, it was a tall order to finish the whole thing and get back to the flag by 8.  We all did make it by 8 and even ended with Hombres favorite-SSH on your belly.


Thanks to Hombre and his trip to AO’s far far away, we have a new COT activity.  The 6th man in the count gets to step forward after Name-O Rama and re introduce himself.  Loved this!  Not everyone is there for every naming.  Sometimes our back stories and who we are as men get forgotten or just plain not heard by all.  Hightops was our first and he shared a bit about himself and what makes him him.

Fleetwood led us in a prayer to close it out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great job Fleetwood for EHing your buddy into coming.

Welcome Shake & Bake.

Big shout out to Dory for pushing his limits and trying something new, and doing it with a smile!

Hightops dusted off his cycling legs after 4 years away and got on the highly in demand Trek POS bike.

Thurston Howell thought he was meeting me for a nice easy MTB ride only to happily be put through the paces of a full on workout.  In Khakis no less, proving we got at least 1 FNG name correct at the Clinic.

Somewhere on  words “I thought we were just gonna go for a ride” were uttered.

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