DATE: 07/27/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Legionaire(Welcome back), Barney, Mickey and Aquaman

Total # of PAX: 4

QIC: Aquaman


As YHC pulled in under the full moon I realized it was going to be a light crowd. With the news of Julio Jones attending Training Camp, I decided if he can do it, we could do it for free. But, we still used some coupons.


Mosey lap around the parking lot followed up by football warmups, high knees, karoake and but kicks.


First things first, we ran suicides in the opposite parking lot, starting at the back curb. First light pole and back with 20 Falcons(crunchy frogs with wings) 2nd light pole back with 40 Rise ups(squat jumps) Last light pole and back with TD’s(SSH).

Throughout the workout, your QIC would call out up downs.

Next we wanted to honor the great Quintorres Lopez Jones by doing some 11’s. We moseyed to the breeze way and started with diamond merkins ran down about half way and did what I called toe touches(can opener, jackknife basically ab ex with leg lift and toe touch) each round we ran to the next pole farthest away.

Trying to influence Julio for this upcoming season, we did some touchdown drills. We all lined up with a coupon and did shoulder press, lunge and twist from one end to the other end of parking lot. While this was happening we rotated running pass routes with our coupon and to the end of the buses for a td (we had to teach Legionaire a lot today).

We had a little time left so we lined up along the poles and planked. First person did 20 merkins and ran to the front leaping over each pax legs. We went down and back completing over 120+ pushups in about 5 mins.

We completed just under 2.5miles for the start of training camp


It was a small circle this morning, with all joking aside we all know how frustrating nagging injuries can be. Prayers for Legionaire as he injured his other wrist over in Thailand(he’s got a good cover story).

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