DATE: 08/21/2018

WHERE: Flying V

THE PAX: Beater, Gut Check, LawDog, Drumstick, Hooch

Total # of PAX: 5

QIC: Hooch


Week 2 of the Flying V, and the same cast of characters pulled up for Stretch-O-Rama, which was encouraging to YHC.  Got even better when a 5:25-arrival and suspected restaurateur turned out to be Drumstick!


Extra stretching for YHC (12 minutes to be exact), and some fist bumps.  Then a brief explanation of the planned route: Canyons to Moe’s, via Greenprints Noonday Creek Trail, then back, with an added out-and-back leg southward on Market Street to finish.  A bit of chatter was overheard as we got to it about what the most fitting call to action should be at a run group, since it’s more than a “mosey…”


The trail from Downtown Woodstock to Hwy. 92 at Moe’s was clocked at 1.56 miles over precisely 14:00 for an 8:57 mile pace for the first pace group.  A brief pause for Drumstick to retie his footwear, and we were off again.

YHC picked up the second pace group for the return route, Moe’s to Canyon’s, with the added Market Street south leg (appx. 1/2 mile round trip).  Even though we walked two stretches along the way, this group made it 3/4 mile farther than last week before “hitting the wall”, and we ran the steepest part of the 82-foot elevation gain.  Garmin Connect says YHC busted out a 179 heart rate at this point, which is way up at the top of my red zone!  2.17 miles over 22:26 for a 10:20 pace over this stretch for the second pace group. Way to push, fellas.

Props to the men of the front pace group for hitting the Market Street South leg twice, and to Drumstick for chattering more than LawDog (hahaha! taste of yer own medicine, laddy)


Each man shared a personal prayer request, and the PAX were encouraged to speak the truth in love to those in our sphere of influence.  We are praying for one another as we navigate the critical paths of marriage, parenthood, and adoption.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

A few notes from this morning’s run:

– When Drumstick says “long story short”, that’s really just a transitional phrase.  It’s a long story, so why should he cut it short?

– Thank God for the 24-Hour CVS on Towne Lake Pkwy.  Got up at 4:00, so I could swing by and grab a knee brace.  It was a painful run, but without the brace, I think it would have been mostly a painful walk.

– Still had to sidestep a few frogs, and this time we added a rabbit, a smoking bicyclist, and a runner with no headlamp that about made LD peepee his britches.

– Repeat Starsky: Tiny Tat walked over to say “hey” during tailgate coffeeteria once again, before his weekly meeting at Copper Coin.  He was dressed much sharper than we were. Smelled better, too.

– Thank you to the four men who joined me in v-formation this morning.  Great stories on the trail, and great conversation in the COT.  Let’s “speak the truth in love”, men.

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