DATE: 07/31/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Smurfette, Legionairre, Preacher, Garfield, Wiggum, Fuzzy, Fleetwood, Rice-a-Roni, Dory, The Mole, Spaceballs, Tebow, Molson, Dandy, Banana Boat, Romo, Premo, Babyface, Hombre, Quagmire, Cricket, Spock, Swisher, Spanx, Ma Bell (FNG), and COYS (FNG)

Total # of PAX: 27

QIC: Westside


The cars kept pulling up in the early morning gloom and we landed at a sweet 27 PAX with 2 FNGs. 1 was a definite recruit from the Power In Unity event (Good work Cricket). Sadly, no ladies posted this morning so the shenanigans were in full force.


At the 5:30 mark the PAX moseyed around the school to the back bus lanes for warm-up. Due to the size of the PAX we had to modify from our normal location to the larger parking lot a little further back. 2 FNGs today so YHC delivered the welcome speech while we waited on the 6.  Time to begin:

12x SSH
10x Windmills
10x Copperhead Squats

Line up in 2 lines for a slow Indian Run down to the back-back parking lot.


The goal of today’s beatdown was simple: Distance. How much ground could we cover in 45 minutes. The mosey to the starting point put us over .5 miles so we were off to a good start. The PAX partnered up for event 1: catch me if you can.

Catch Me if You Can

PAX partner up. One the command exercise 1 PAX starts running backwards while the other performs 5x Burpees. Upon completing the burpees the PAX would sprint forward to catch the other PAX running backwards. Once caught, the backwards running PAX would perform the burpees. PAX would continue this exchange until they had completed 2 rotations around the retention pond. Early finishers held an Air Chair for the 6. On to event 2, clearing the bus lanes.

Clearing the Bus Lanes

After a quick 10-count the PAX lined up on the first bus lane (there are 18 in total at this part of the school). The goal was simple, PAX would jog to the 18th bus lane and perform 10x Merkins and then jog back the start. Once there, they would turn around and run to the 17th bus lane and perform 10x Squats. This was repeated until all the bus lanes were cleared. The early finishers performed some Mary while waiting on the 6. By now we had clocked well over 3 miles, but we weren’t done yet. Time for the final event: The competitive sprint.

The Competitive Sprint

The PAX lined up in 4 rows at the beginning of the bus lanes. On the command exercise, they took off at a full on sprint to a trash can that marked the halfway point (a little over 50 yards). The winner would choose an exercise and all the PAX would perform 10x reps of that exercise on the side while the other iterations sprinted. Some of the PAX got a little eager and ended up going a second round. Running very short on time, we started the mosey back to the flag.

Ended just a little late, 6:18 by my watch when the 6 came in. That’s a wrap, boys.


Name-O-Rama took a while today (27 PAX strong) and then we heard from the 6th man (Fuzzy). Named the 2 FNGs. MaBell was named because he works for AT&T and COYS (Come on you Spurs) for the Tottenham Hotspurs Futbol Club.

Check out the website for all of the cool stuff we have coming up. Big rock is the 3rd F event at the Veteran’s house this weekend. Contact Hooch or Smurfette to get the info. Spaceballs will be putting on an impromptu Q in the area to accommodate you guys.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Not sure what the exact distance was in total, but it’s been a while since we’ve covered that much ground. The 2 FNGs seemed to enjoy themselves. Appreciate the opportunity to lead you guys especially with the numbers this morning. Look forward to many more mornings with you guys.




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