DATE: 07/03/2018

WHERE: The Paragon

THE PAX: Spanx, Wiggum, The Fridge, Garfield, Tebow, Fuzzy, Moleson, WildThing, Goodhands, Hombre (Respect), Hightops, Primo, Homeboy, Quagmire, Hasbro, The Butcher, Swisher, Cricket, Legionnaire (Respect), Manning, Nomad

Total # of PAX: 21

QIC: Nomad




mosey around the parking the picking up a few that arrived as we started the
mosey to start the warm up. Circled up and checked for any FNGs. Since there
were none YHC gave a quick reminder to modify if needed and make sure not to
hurt yourself while doing any of the exercises.
Started the warmup with 13 SSH and 13 Weed Picker both IC. Someone then
asked why the number 13, which was quickly responded by someone before YHC
could respond, that it was the number of the firstl colonies.
  YHC confirmed that is what it was for as we
are in the Independence week.
with some Sun Gods OYO and finished with the 13 Star Jumps OYO to finish the warmup
representing the first American Flag which had 13 stars on it.


finishing the warm up moseyed the short distance back to the front of the school
to explain the workout. YHC stated the workout would be the Wall of Jericho
which produced many grumblings among some of the PAX. Started with 7 exercises
(Squats, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Big Boy Sit-ups, Flutter Kicks, Walking Lunges,
and American Hammers. Kodiak count for those that applied) and 7 repetitions
each and then run a lap around the school. Repeat those 7 times or as many as
you could in the time. 
Great job
everyone for pushing through the suck and finishing all laps or as many as you
could before time was up. Those that finished did some mary for a little bit
then went to finish up with any PAX who were still going.
  YHC had to call the workout due to time and
made a lap in the opposite direction to make sure the PAX knew to stop after
finishing the lap they were on. Thanks for those who led some mary waiting on
the six to finish up the lap. Once everyone was back the morning was finished
up with Baby Crunches, Crunchy Frogs, Dying Cockroaches, and Crab Cakes.




Fuzzy was the 6th man today and gave a quick
dance for everyone to start off.
  Got his
name because he likes golf and gave some hobbies to include fishing, softball,
and spending time with family. Has 2 kids, 5 YO and 2 and a half YO. From North
Carolina and moved to Marietta when he was 2 where he grew up and moved to
Woodstock after college.

Prayers for Garfield and his M who is experiencing some
anxiety with being 35 weeks pregnant and for Garfield to continue stepping up
and being there for his M.

Prayers for Goodhands college friend whose mother just
passed away this past weekend.


Prayers for local family who was in a car
accident who lost their mother and father who was badly burned and in the

Naked-Man Moleskin:


F3 Cherokee independence Convergence Beatdown Wednesday at
Sequyah Park starting at 7:00 A.M. (ALL OTHER AO’s WILL BE CLOSED THAT DAY).

2nd F Party at Swisher’s House on Friday 7/13 at
6:00 P.M. 2.0’s and M’s welcome.

Garfield is taking over as site Q at Paragon starting today.

Challenge from Homeboy today is to join Twitter and follow

Primo and M has a kids outdoor adventure camp, Hide and Seek
Day Camp, are having a 5K road race on Labor Day to fund raise money for
running the camp.

Check out for further details.


Nomad out.

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