DATE: 08/10/2018

WHERE: The Crossroads

THE PAX: Barney, Titlemax, matchstick, vault, faultline, legionnaire, yogi, bobsled, iron man, AC, Misty, Law Dog, FNG(Oops), FNG (Lively),Harding, Alcoa, Hillary

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Aquaman


The theme of this week featured around a transmission line on my Jeep coming loose leading to me getting towed.

Side not, PAX made a strong push in Woodmont Facebook group to bring out some sad clowns, hopefully that work will prosper down the road.


Short Mosey followed by SSH

Weed Pickers

Sun gods and Michael Phelps


After asking the pax it they wanted to carry the flag during the beatdown, Misty took one for the team with a resounding, Yes!

Focusing on the theme of tow truck, we  moseyd over to grab a coupon to tow around while two lucky pax carried the flag or board and speaker.

We moseyed from location to location spelling out Tow Truck

T-Triple Nickel with 5 Lunges/5L +5 gorilla jumpers/ 5L+5G+ 5 star jumps while running light pole to light pole.

O- 20 outlaws(spelling out o with legs together

W- wave of merkins which turned into Mary due to size. 10 merkins and hold plank

T- Tony Hawks 10 burpees with 180 jump after  each

R-40 reverse crunches

U-30 up right rows and threw in 30 curls

C-30 crunchy frogs

threw in walk like an Egyptian to get to last letter.

K-Knockouts was going to do 20 mike Tyson’s pyramid with lbcs but due to mumble chatter switched to 11s which I regretted bc I added running in between exercises. Finished up with Legionaire favorite Kelly Clarkson and back to the flag right on time.


Word is getting out. 2 FNG and largest PAX for crossroads at 18

FNG Oops- brought out by Faultline and Vault. He is a grandfather and doesn’t believe in accidents. So we named him Oops

FNG Lively- I work with his wife at Hire Heroes USA. He was in the Marines and has a green lantern tattoo. So lively for Ryan Reynolds 2.0

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Law dog briefed us on his OG status of F3. He told everyone we get one get out of jail free card, just use password Teddy Bear Socks

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