DATE: 08/16/2018

WHERE: The Vineyard

THE PAX: Spock, Gut Check, Sargent Slaughter, Wheelin n Dealin, Fuzzy, Beater, Matchstick, Hank Hill, Wild Thing, Westside, Law Dog

Total # of PAX: 12

QIC: Tiny Tat


VQ day!  Excited.  Anxious.  I’m not sure.  But I didn’t sleep much… YHC rolled into the AO around 5:05 to check out some planned exercise spots, then landed in the back parking lot at 5:12.  Westside showed up a few minutes later, good to chat a bit before the PAX started rolling in.  Much mumble chatter about the Clinic yesterday…something about heavy rocks and sore biceps and High Tops.  Props to Wild Thing for fighting off the fartsack this morning.


Short mosey to the corner of the parking lot, circled up and ran through SSH, Weed Pickers, Windmills, and Goofballs.  Slipped up once calling cadence…I call that a win.


First up – Indian run out the back side of the parking lot and up the long gradual incline.  Up to the middle school about halfway, then took a wide turn and headed back down.  YHC called stop at the bottom of the hill.   Good warm up for…

Burp Back Mountain – partner up.  First guy does burpees, while partner runs up the hill – backwards.  Then back down.  5 times up and down the hill, then partner switch.  Wash, rinse and repeat until we hit 100 combined burpees.  Quads were burning on this one after twice up the hill backpedaling, many PAX started modifying to karaoke up the last part of the hill, including  YHC.   Much talk of today being the day for Merlot…but nobody delivered.  Mary while waiting for the 6.

Next up…the Quarter Pounder.   Starting point right across from the hill at the front entrance of the high school.   Sprint to the first light pole – 25 merkins.  Backpedal to the start.  Sprint to the second light pole – 50 squats, backpedal.  Sprint (ok pretty weak sprint at this point) to the third light pole – 75 mountain climbers, backpedal.  Sprint (ok really just a jog) to the fourth light pole – 100 SSH, backpedal to the start.   Still no merlot.  Imperial Walkers waiting for the 6.

Final exercise – Ascending Curb Crawl.  PAX line up on one curb.  Bear crawl across to the other curb, turn around, feet up on the curb, do 1 Merkin.  Bear crawl back, 2 Merkins.  Repeat and keep increasing merkins.  Supposed to get to 13, cut it short once we hit 8 merkins due to time.  Still no merlot.   Dang it.

Mosey back to the Flag (or where the flag is supposed to be, it’s supposedly in progress on Westside’s porch).   PAX called Mary until time – Law Dog w/ American Hammers, Beater w/ Freddy Mercurys, Spock w/ Big Boy Situps.  Called it at 6:15.



Beater was the 6.  Teaches Spanish and coaches JV soccer at Kell, new to Woodstock from Savannah about a year ago.  Law Dog channeled his inner Homeboy and asked – what drives you?   Family.

No FNGs today.   Law Dog gave a shout out for the new Saturday workout at Dupree starting Aug 25th.  That was it, quiet crowd today at COT.   YHC closed in prayer, asking Jesus help to lead and serve those around us.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Vineyard is a huge AO, much potential and unexplored territory, looking forward to more beatdowns here.  However, it has yet to live up to its namesake…much talk of Merlot at the the recon beatdown and first two official beatdowns this week…but no Merlot yet.    Beater is VQing on Monday…maybe that’s the day??   We shall see.

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