PAX – birds fly farther faster when they’re in V-Formation.  Worked for Emilio Estevez’s Mighty Ducks, too.  When a group of men runs together, the distance and pace achieved can be surprisingly better than one could run on his own.  Encourages the otherwise feeble mind. Enlivens the otherwise lethargic body.

The FLYING V is a new F3 Run Group Workout that launched last Tuesday, August 14.  We meet in the parking lot at Canyon’s Burger Co. in Downtown Woodstock (335 Chambers Street), 5:30-6:15am Tuesdays – just look for the shovel flag.  Bring a head lamp if you have one, and expect good fellowship and approximately 5K running on the trails and sidewalks of Woodstock.

Here are five good reasons to come join the formation:  (1) It’s a different way to get stronger – boot camp… boot camp…  boot camp… RUN GROUP!!!!! … boot camp… boot camp…. (2) We will never leave a man behind – different pace groups are easily established on each run as needed.  (3) There is no shame for the beginner.  Don’t be afraid.  (4) Trail Races, Road Races, Mudders, and all variety of CSAUP events are just plain fun.  You’ll want to get in on this!  Training for these events is greatly benefited by dedicating a portion of your weekly workout schedule to RUNNING.  (5) YHC brings good coffee.

I’ll see you in the gloom, brothers.  – Hooch

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