Most of you have probably alread read the article from Lo Pair. ( If you have not please read it. If you have, might as well read it again. I thought it was the best way to describe the purpose of our “C4NN” blog.  C4 is a pax who prefers news worthy discussion and deep philosophical thoughts. Anyone who has heard him discuss something that is “orthodox in the little ‘o’ sense, not the big ‘O’ Orthodox” understands our man C4 is a river that runs deep. Still trying to get my head around that orthodox thing.  Anyway, C4NN was coined from C4’s desire to sometimes skip through the shenanigans and get the the real news for F3. “The C4 News Network” is the place for that and thus the C4NN tab to the F3Cherokee website was born. It is where you will find the news worthy business of the region and skip through Manning and Homeboy’s bromance shinanegans.  Its where you can feel free to share personal thoughts and inspirational messages that makes you want to get better.

The First F seems simple. Show up at 5:30am and workout with a bunch of other dudes. Some people do it to get in shape. Some people do it to stay in shape. And some people do it to train for life.   Lo Pair fully describes why training for life matters and sheild locking with our brothers is so vital to our communities. It is also why F3’s Second and Third F set us apart from anything else I have come across for fitness.

There are many more examples of this across F3nation. The response to the floods in Columbia and Houston. There is Papa Smurf’s story. #coopstrong. The way the Pax rallied around Cheech’s family after his accident. #sleevelessforcheech. I will not have the pleasure of meeting either Papa Smurf or Cheech. I will probably not meet Lo Pair. But I do not have to because we are connected through F3. Not in the Shield lock kind of way, because these men lived to far away to effectively shield lock. But the shield locks that they formed in their communities with the men that were proximate to them were strong and inspiring. These are the relationships we are building in our community. These stories are why I am excited about our new region because they give me faith and knowledge to know that F3Cherokee will have a big impact on Cherokee County for the better. I am excited to be on this journey with the Pax and want to thank everyone for the great launch yesterday. Everyone who has posted to a workout has made this possible. Let’s give it away.


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