DATE: 06/30/2018

WHERE: The Hurt Locker

THE PAX: C4, The Chipster, Dory, The Mole, Westside, Bloodhound, Whamm-o, Babyface, Misty, Alcoa, Kiffin, Wingham, Sgt Slaughter, Quagmire, (FNG) M.A.S.H, Garfield, Mikey, Nomade, Campden, Dawson, Chicken Biscuit, Légionnaire.

Total # of PAX: 18

QIC: Légionnaire


Well, every awesome thing has to end and so after having the privilege of sharing a site Q with Bloodhound for 3 quarters, it is now time to retire into the sunset and pick up something new and exciting, still with Bloodhound mind you, The Ruck Club. But we could not quite go out without a bang…


The PAX took a trip down memory lane, mosey back down to the retention pond, where we once warmed up for a dangerous flag recovery mission.

15 SSH, 15 Weed Pickers, 15 Hill Billies, 1mn Moon Gods


Split the PAX evenly into 2 squads.

To quote Dredd in one of his inspirational speeches, the Mission of the Infantry is “To close with and destroy the enemy!”. To achieve the mission the pax members were issued their weapon of choice (30Lbs sand babies) the 2 squads had to race each other to each new objectives (the 1/4 Mile markers on the outer loop of Veterans Park).

Each squad had to designate a Leader (Team Captain) and a Sweeper.

Upon reaching the objective the Captain of winning squad would designate an exercise for his squad, presumably a not so stressful one like 30 Squats, but would get to inflict a much more severe set of exercise to the defeated enemy squad i.e. 30 Burpees to destroy its spirit.

One caveat though, the winning squad has to finish as one team, each squad member maintaining physical contact with at least one other squad member as they cross each marker line.

Rinse and repeat but for each new 1/4 mile objective, a new Leader would be selected whom in turn would select his own sweeper and both would be responsible for bringing their all team across the line as one single unit.

All the while being subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of listening to YHC playlist blasting on loudspeakers. Which from the mumble chatters during coffeeteria seems to have been the worst part of the whole experience. My work here is done…

Légionnaire OUT!



Safe travel for the Mole on his mission trip.

Summer 2.0 continues 8:10 Saturdays

July 4th convergence beatdown. (check the website for time and place. All other AO’s closed)

Naked-Man Moleskin:


Hall of Fame – The Script

Hey, Soul Sister. Train

House of the rising sun. Five Finger Death Punch

I Love it. I Don’t Care.

Quiero Bailar. 3BallMTY

Counting Stars. OneRepublic

GoWest. Village People

Set It All Free. Scarlett Johansson


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