DATE: 08/20/2018

WHERE: The Clinic

THE PAX: O’Doyle, Harding, Stopwatch (RESPECT), Jobu, Gut Check, High Tops, Band Camp, FNG (Welcome, “Shakira”), Mandles, Spaceballs, Head Hunter, A.C., Hooch

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Hooch


YHC wanted to test out the ole’ Runner’s/Jumper’s Knee condition before tomorrow’s FLYING V run.  And a test it was.  I’ve also noticed that the great majority of the circle-up-and-get-to-work we do at the Clinic happens at the bottom of the amphitheater.  So today, we took it to the top.


Mosey up the stairs to the Park at City Center

Circle up next to the gazebo for the disclaimer (welcoming 1 FNG – good job with the EH, Band Camp)

Start big, and cut reps in half after that heart rate is up:

50 IC SSH (perhaps becoming a signature start; Clinic boys handled it with much less groaning than the men of the Paragon, I’m reluctant to report)

25 IC Hillbillies (I am from Tennessee, after all)

12 IC Weed Pickers (moderate pace, 12 1/2 for High Tops who apparently wanted to be a math teacher)

Ring of Fire – PAX hold plank, low butt, while each individual sequentially runs backward around the outside of the circle


It’s an outer space voyage today, so we gotta get moving:

Quick mosey along E Main and Main Streets to Chattahoochee Tech, around the north side and down to the bottom of the hill.


Bear Crawl to the top of the hill (recover and/or air chair to await the six)

Quick mosey all the way back to the bottom of the amphitheater, and…

Crawl Bear from sidewalk to sidewalk (plenty of encouragement at this point mixed in with taunting and various other forms of mumble chatter)

BBS IC (Spaceballs) to await the six, and then we ascended the stairs to our little City Park lawn for a brief explanation.

Mars is a red sphere way up in the sky, and M.A.R.S. is a circle of red-faced men high atop the amphitheater terraces.  Acronyms help us remember what to do when half the PAX is half a lap ahead of or behind us…

M. (Merkins – OYO x25)
A. (Air Press – OYO x 25)
R. (Rosalita – OYO x 25)
S. (Squat – OYO x 25)

Then run a lap all the way down around the back of the amphitheater stage and back up, using the outer sidewalks.

We took three trips down to earth and back up to MARS, and various PAX called out some Mary-go-round as we awaited the six.  Upon his arrival, we called “time”, and moseyed back to the shovel flag.


Hung onto O’Doyle just long enough for the Count-O-Rama (13) and the Name-O-Rama, as he always has to scoot off to school.  Go get ’em P.E. Q!

Welcomed FNG Shakira, who just graduated from Etowah HS in May.  He is a former student of Band Camp in the His Hands Church student ministry.  Also lifeguards at the Cherokee County Aquatic Center.  And he was at the front of the pack most of the morning!

The PAX were encouraged to take stock of the path they are on with regard to (ehem) lust and faithfulness to spouse.  We can put ourselves on the wrong path easily in this age of technology and culture of sexuality.  Counter-intuitive as it may seem to our testosterone-driven manliness, peace and freedom abound on the path of faithfulness to our M’s to the highest degree.  We all need grace, and God has plenty of it. If you’re on the wrong path, it’s time to recognize it and ask God and the men in your circle for help.  God doesn’t often change us over night, so if breaking through and breaking habits and addictions seems impossible… just take a first step.  Make a hard and fast rule, like the foolish young man from Proverbs needed – “don’t even walk by her house!”  The invitation Jesus repeated throughout His earthly ministry was simply this: “Follow Me.”  Get on the right path.  Look where you’re going, and make sure you’re on the right path.  And get some help if you are not.  (Shout out to Pastor Andy for a good word yesterday morning at Woodstock City Church).

The Circle of Trust extends beyond the gloom, so please DM me if I can pray for and encourage you about this, or anything else, confidentially.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was during our final moments on MARS, while swaying our middle parts to Band Camp’s J-Lo cadence, that our FNG uttered the quote “the hips don’t lie”.  Thus and henceforth, he shall be known to us as “Shakira” (credit to the lyricist).

We’re not nearly as racy as those Kodiak progressives from up north, but we did welcome Shakira, J-Lo, and Rosalita to our men-only workout this morning, and they are all encouraged to return.

Our sixth man this morning was High Tops, who is one of my favorite PAX.  He gained this status before I knew him by marrying one of my favorite former students in youth ministry, and he has maintained status by his character and good nature.  Coaches the Woodstock HS baseball team, who have made an awesome run the last two spring seasons going to the state championship (2017) and final four (2018).  Go Wolverines! #wearewoodstock.  High Tops and his M are expecting the arrival of their first child in November, cuz Cherokee PAX M’s be poppin’ out lil mini 2.0 pax left and right.

Finally, I want to thank each man who beat the fartsack this morning and determined that the Clinic was the DRP of choice.  I enjoyed being your Q, and I can’t wait to see what you bring to the gloom when YOU take the Q in the weeks ahead.


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