DATE: 07/18/2018

WHERE: The Kodiak

THE PAX: Voodoo, Paulie, Harp, Mickey, Babyface, Aquaman, Ricky Bobby, Lawdog, Cricket, Preacher, Dosido, C4, Banjo

Total # of PAX: 13

QIC: Banjo


Its been a while since I wore the Q hat. As always its an honor! It was a nice calm morning. Woke up on time and had a chance to enjoy the morning and piece and quiet in my home with a cup of coffee. Things have been pretty hectic but I was  able to take a minute and be thankful. Sunday, as i was leaving my house, I forgot something inside. On my return all of my smoke alarms were screaming. To my surprise, in my laundry room, sitting alone on the washing machine was the iron, on fire! I was able to grab it by the handle and take it outside. So we were left with no iron but still had a home. It has a new interesting odor but still, it stands.  Thankful!!!!

On with it.


Mosey to the small parking lot behind the school. 15 each, SSH, copperhead squat, monkey humpers and weed pickers.


Split up in groups of 3 by height. Due to the number of pax there was 1 group of 4.  Each group has a tire.  We did 4 rounds of tire excercise, tire transport, and a lap. Each round the tire excercise changed and the mode of transportation changed but reps and destination stayed the same. When finished with the lap plank or air chair for the 6.

Round 1- with your group working together- 40 tire front squats,  transport tire up the hill and down, run a lap.

Round 2- 40 tire press, transport tire up the hill and down but with different transportation than round 1,( flip, carry, drag, roll), lap

Round 3- 40 tire bench press, transport up and down, lap

Round 4- 40 incline merkin on tire, transport, lap.

Put the tires back and move to the grass area for Jack Webbs.  1 to 4 ratio of merkin and air press.  Up to 10 merkin and 40 air press. When finished we headed back to the flag. On the way back it was heard that we finished the Jack Webs in blazing time, and that was true. This pax don’t play. So checking the time we had more time than i had planned so at the flag we did another set of jack web with 11 merkin and 44 air press. Finished with box cutters, dieing cockroachs, crab cakes and american hammers.



Voodoo’s 2.0 flight delay for his National Rocketry competition. Pray be gets there safely.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Aquaman was our 6th man. Great to here your story. Thank you for pursuing your desire to make a difference.

You have until this Friday to donate for the Kids in need school supply 3rd F.  If enough is raised, Lawdog amd Ricky Bobby will do 30 minutes of burpees. If for some reason you have no heart for kids in need, then maybe you get your kicks with men in pain. Or maybe you enjoy both helping kids and hurting Lawdog, pay up.


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